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So in my last post about fitness, I wrote about how simply changing my lifestyle to include fitness has helped improve my mood.  Here, I will talk about how five minutes a day can drastically change your mood, give you more energy throughout the day, and help you get fit.  Before I begin, let me explain to anyone following this that these exercises WILL NOT perform miracles for you.  If you are looking for a quick fix to get tone and slim down fast, this is not for you.  I’m not going to sit here and tell you how you can lose 40lbs in 30 days or some idiotic bull shit like that.  No, this is about helping your mental health and making fitness a part of your every day lifestyle.  It took me a long time to understand that making fitness a part of my life was the only way I was going to see any real results that last a lifetime.  Now that that is out of the way, here it goes.  This is also a mix of different routines that I follow and I will get more into them as I go. Here is how I get in shape in 5 minutes a day










1.  Taking my dog out at 6am is not my ideal wake up call but there is a positive (besides my dog not peeing in my apartment).  When I take my dog out, I do 30 lunges.  I am not a morning person but once I get up with the dog, I’m awake. So why not do something while the dog is doing his business?



2.  Of course, when I come in I HAVE to make my coffee!  With or without exercise, I am no good without my coffee!  While I’m waiting though, I do some stretching.  I stretch my arms, my neck, and my legs, holding each stretch for 8 counts.  Then, I do 30 planks.  That’s about 45 seconds and I am already starting to feel energized.  Coffee is done!












3.  After I’ve had my coffee (sometimes while drinking it), I do 30 crunches, 30 squats (with 8lb dumbells but that is optional), and 30 push-ups (on my knees because my upper body strength isn’t quite there yet to do a full body push-up).  This takes me about 1 1/2 minutes.

4.  After I have finished my coffee, I am now ready to do some quick yoga moves.  My favorite moves to help get me going are the Downward Dog, Upward Dog, and my absolute favorite: Warrior Pose.  I hold each one for 16 counts.  You can start with 8 counts each if 16 is too much for you.

5.  After I have done all of these I am feeling energized and ready to start my day but not quite yet.  There is still one more thing to do but it’s the most important.  EAT BREAKFAST!!!  I know, I know, easier said than done.  I’m not much of a breakfast person either but I really have found that eating breakfast, especially something high in protein and/or fiber, keeps me from binge eating in the evenings.  My favorite breakfast is cheese omelets.  I make three of them and I have another cup of coffee to go with it.  Can’t forget about the coffee!

Now, a few times a week I will work out with my Xbox Fitness.  I love doing the Mossa weights, Mossa Fight, and Mossa Groove.  I also do some power yoga, boot camps, and they recently added an awesome Tai Chi workout.  I don’t do all of these at once though.  As a busy mom, I don’t have time to do all at once plus, I don’t really want to.  So, I switch exercises.  This is great for me because it keeps me on a morning routine of working out (the best time of day for me), and keeps me from getting too bored with doing the same workout day in and day out.

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While there are other things that I would like to do both for myself and for my kids (like martial arts, archery, and sports) I can’t afford those things right now so I make due with physical activity that doesn’t cost me anything.  Oh, and the 30 lunges, 30 squats, 30 planks, 30 crunches, and 30 push-ups are all a part of the Spartan 30 day challenge that you can look up HERE . If you like what you see and have fun with this, look at their webpage.  They also have a Facebook page. Check them out and don’t forget to have fun!


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