What Does Friendship Really Mean?



Last time I  wrote about the general meaning of friendship but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t use some examples from my own life about some of my own friends. Some of these friends are no longer in my life but ALL of them have taught me a great deal about life, love, and friendship. So, here we go…


I’ve had friends come and go. These are friends I still think about from time to time. When I was five and six years old, I had a best friend named Sherri. I was living in Baltimore City and I played with her often but then I moved away and it wasn’t until I met a girl named Sara at the end of second grade that I had another friend. She was my next door neighbor. We were friends for years until I moved away in my twenties.

truefriendshipBut then I started to make some lifelong friends. I didn’t know this at the time of course. Fourth grade was when I made my first lifelong friend. Her name is Tina. We weren’t always close as, when middle school and high school hit, we hung out in different social circles. In fact, we didn’t start to get close again until our adult years. We are still close to this day and I consider her one of my best friends. Love you Tina!

Then I met Melinda in the Sixth grade. She approached me in English class and we’ve been friends ever since. In fact, she moved around the corner from me and we were inseparable until high school when we went to different schools. Still, we remained in touch over the years and still remain in touch today.

In Junior High, I met a guy named Steve, though to be fair, I didn’t really like him in middle school. I thought he was kind of a jerk but that’s middle school for ya. We did go to high school together and like Tina, even though we didn’t hang out in the same social circles, somehow we were always friends. Years later he gave me a good verbal butt kicking that really helped open my eyes. I was lost and needed to be reminded of who I am and we’ve since lost touch but I’m grateful to him for that.

Freshman year of high school I met one of my other best friends, Mary. She approached me during lunch (I think it was lunch). She was loud and very blunt but there was just something about her that I liked, even though, at the time, I didn’t know what that was. Maybe it was because in high school I was quiet and she was loud so we balanced each other out. We’ve had our disagreements over the years and we did lose touch for awhile but we remain friends.A-Strong-Friendship-Quote

When I was sixteen, I met a woman named Theresa. She came into my life when I needed an adult to turn to and who would understand. She was there for me when no other adult was and still remains a very good friend. I love her dearly and highly respect her.

We can also say that my ex-husband, Tom, is a close friend. I know, crazy right! When most couples split, they want nothing to do with each other but he’s been there for me in ways that no one else has. Just because two people can’t be in a romantic relationship, doesn’t mean you have to let the friendship fall, especially when the friendship is stronger without the romantic stuff. Thank you Tom, for remaining my friend!

I can’t write a post about friendship without including Mike but those who loved him called him Mikey. He passed away and I’ll be writing another blog post dedicated to him soon.  Mike was like a brother to me. He was family and he is still missed. He taught me that family isn’t just blood.

Then there is the one person I’ve always been with from the time she was born: My beautiful, amazing sister, Jennifer!  Why do I include her in my friendship category?  Because she has always been so much more than a sister. She’s my soul sister! She’s my best friend! She contributes as much to my life as anyone I’ve mentioned. She’s a part of the people I care most about (aside from my kids of course).

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While many friendships come and go and I have lost a few along the way, they added something important to my life: Each one has taught me something valuable that I still carry with me.  For me, true friendship is family and they withstand even the worst of storms!


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