My Son Found His Inner Artist

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My son is an artist! This past week, Conner has made some serious strides in his drawings. I’m not sure what drove him to seek out more learning in the world of art but that’s what he did. He watched a YouTube video on how to draw Goku, his favorite Dragon Ball Z character.

Finding His Specialness

Conner has felt on and off over the years that he wasn’t special. He sometimes compares himself to his big brother, who has been writing comedy skits and scripts, and he has felt less than special. Of course his dad and I have always encouraged him to be himself. That isn’t always enough for the younger children when they see their older sibling as larger than life.

Art has always been a part of Conner though. I still have the crayon on my walls to prove it, hahaha! Even back then, I saw the budding artist he was becoming and I tried to encourage it as much as possible. He has loved drawing since he could pick up a crayon. I have a two totes full of his creations from way back when.

paint and crayon buckets on a shelf_everychildisanartist_pablopicasso_rockinrandommom

But it wasn’t until recently that Conner really started to feel that he would never be as special as his brother. Some of that has to do with Adam’s Autism but most of it has to do with how smart and creative Adam is.

I have told Conner that while Adam is great in the field of performing arts, he too, has his own set of gifts. Conner is super smart when it comes to Science and Math. He teaches me new stuff every day.

Conner also has a great empathy and compassion for animals. He loves animals. Spiders and bugs not so much but the rest of the animal kingdom he adores.

However, it’s art that has helped my baby bear find his spark.

The Budding Artist Within

As I said, Conner has been drawing since he could hold a crayon. I have watched his drawings improve every year. With each new drawing, I witnessed the artist emerge and I did my best to encourage him to keep at it, even when he believed he wasn’t good enough.

The last few weeks have been crazy busy. We celebrated his big brother’s sixteenth birthday and we had our first Thanksgiving in his Nana’s new apartment. Which was great for me because I didn’t have to do much cooking. There has been a big change in routine with me now interning and fifth grade has been up and down for Conner.

He made some really great friends this year but also lost a few, which really hurt him. Art has become his outlet for dealing with the stress. This has been a year of a lot of change for my son but his creativity has not wavered. In fact, it has only gotten better.

The Evolution of the Young Artist

This past week alone, Conner has drastically improved his drawings. He said he wanted to add more detail to his characters but didn’t know how to go about it. So, he did what he always does: Looks it up on YouTube! Sure enough, he found what he was looking for and as he worked on his first detailed drawing of Goku, he sent me the pictures.

my son drew each step of goku from Dragon Ball Z_mysontheartist_rockinrandommom

Each step was better than the last. And he did this with just a pen and a pencil. He didn’t have his colored pencils or crayons at his dad’s place but with just two tools, he made an amazing drawing! He said it took him two hours to complete it but that’s a wonderful thing because:

Art Helps Him Focus

Having ADHD isn’t easy for any child. Conner is lucky in the fact that his isn’t as severe as some but it still keeps him from focusing. It also doesn’t help him sleep as he has a really hard time calming his brain down. Sleeping and Focusing is tough for him. Sometimes though, when he is really interested in something, he can be super focused and Art does that for him.

Conner was able to sit at his dad’s desk for two whole hours because he was concentrating on getting every detail right. Many, many creatives out there have ADHD and it is known that the arts plays a major role in helping the ADHD brain focus.

He was so focused and so determined that by the next day, he drew another Goku.

another drawing of goku_mysontheartist_rockinrandommom

Keep Encouraging Your Child

Conner’s dad and I have already discussed getting him some real art supplies for Christmas. We both have artist friends who have made some recommendations that we will follow because we believe in encouraging our young artist in every way that we can.

Every child deserves to be encouraged in whatever their passions and talents are. As parents, we want the best for them and we want them to be happy. That means doing what they love. Whatever their hopes and dreams are, its up to us to help them achieve their goals and see their dreams come true. How do you help your child?

Let me know in the comments.

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