39 of My Rockin’ Random Stats

So in honor of turning 38 years old last week, here are 38 facts about me.  Update: I am now 39. These are just some of my little truths.  Enjoy!

12667_10201916634294448_177948801_n1. I graduated in 1995.  Yep, my 20 year high school reunion was last year and Yep, I’m a Gen-Xer.

2. Coffee is my heaven, while wine is my therapy!

3. My Favorite season of the year is Autumn, time of my favorite holiday: Halloween!  Which is tied with Christmas.

4. I am mostly Polish but I also have German, French, and Native-American.  I am discovering more on Ancestry.com Update: I took a DNA test a few months ago and found out that I have no Native American. Such a bummer. On the plus side, I did find out I have some Irish in me. Yay for the Irish!

5. When I was little, I believed that Unicorns and Cabbage Patch Kids were real.

6. I have three tattoos: A dolphin on my lower back.  A heart with angel wings and Adam’s name, and a skull and dagger with Conner’s name on each shoulder. I plan on getting at least three more.

7. The Lost Boys is the movie that started my vampire obsession.  It has never stopped.

8. My three favorite historical figures are Vlad, the Impaler, King Henry VIII, and Queen Elizabeth I.

9. I love Gothic Art (and Gothic Literature).  My favorite artists are Myka Jelina, Anne Stokes, and Victoria Frances’

10. I have Dyscalculia, otherwise known as Math Dyslexia.  This wasn’t discovered until college.

11. Ever since I was eleven years old I wanted to own a 1969 Ford Mustang, cherry red with black leather interior.

12. I am the oldest of four.  Two brothers and a sister.

13. Music is my first love.  It got me through a lot of really hard times growing up and into my adult years.  I could not exist without music!

14. I love going on long drives and I still blare my radio, of course!

15. I’m addicted to the History Channel and ID Discovery.

16. There are very few people in this world I will go above and beyond for.  Trust is hard to gain for me but once I love you, I’m there for you always.

17. I’m a fighter, survivor, and fierce protector of those I love.

18. I was raised in a Roman Catholic home but went to a Baptist church.

19. My three favorite wild animals:  The wolf is loyal, The Lion is Regal, and the Dolphin mates for life.

20. I have two Associates of Arts in Liberal Arts-English and Early Childhood Education.  I have a Bachelor’s of Arts in Child Advocacy Studies.  I designed my own degree and do not recommend it.

21. I spent most of my college career raising my boys.

22. I’m still friends with my ex and no, it’s not weird.

23. Chocolate is my friend.

24. My all-time favorite books are Frankenstein, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Pride and Prejudice, Dracula, Call of the Wild, and Anne of Green Gables.  My favorite childhood book is Where the Wild Things Are.150809_10200365312512373_197756614_n

25. I call Massachusetts home but I haven’t forgotten my Baltimore roots where I was born and raised.

26. I have too many favorite songs to name just one but…

27. My life’s theme song is Hit Me with Your Best Shot by Pat Benetar.  It was the first song I remember singing around the house and the first song to resonate with me. It started it all! Eye of the Tiger is another major song that played into my childhood.

28. About a year later, I idolized Madonna and had a crush on Michael Jackson.

29. I love Bon Jovi!  I also love Maroon 5, Shinedown, PopEvil, Skillet, Red…Seriously, the list could go on forever!

30. I had my first child when I was 24.

31.  My second child came along when I was 29.

32. My natural hair color is blonde but I love, love, love being a red-head!

33. When I kiss my boys on the forehead I say, “Angel Kisses.”

34. I don’t scare easily.  Unless you’re a spider. Or a ghost.  Both are just creepy.

35.  Yes!  I believe in Ghosts!  Oh and yeah, I LOVE HORROR MOVIES AND TV SHOWS!  Especially Underworld, The Walking Dead, and every Dracula movie ever made! Even the dumb ones.

36. My favorite video games are Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Call of Duty. Update: Just added Destiny to this list.

37. In Junior High, I wanted to Marry Joe McIntyre from New Kids on the Block!

38. My boys are my everything!!!

39. I actually met someone! Didn’t think that was going to happen but he’s awesome! Always makes me smile!


Welcome to My Rockin Blog!


Hi all, my name is Michelle and welcome to my rockin blog.  I am a random, often sarcastic, lover of rock music, the color purple, coffee, wine, tattoos, vampires, video games, and of course, my boys!  I have two awesome little men (though my oldest is taller than me now) who have taught me so many things about, well, so many things!  My oldest has High Functioning Autism and my youngest has ADHD.

My rockin blog covers a range of different topics. Autism and ADHD are among them. I also write about mental illness, music, and whatever randomness pops into my scattered brain.

I am a firm believer that having a disability doesn’t have to prevent a person from living his or her life. While I have struggled with my own issues, I have also somehow managed to raise my kids fairly unscathed. I believe in taking action and working to make a difference, even if that difference is a small one.  I strive to think positive by knowing my own strengths and the strengths of my boys. Work to make yourself a better person tomorrow than you were yesterday.  Even when I am at my darkest, I never give up and I never stop learning.  Honestly, I think it’s just not in my DNA.  I work towards living a happy and healthy life and show that there are so many possibilities out there for my kids.

Hense, the start of my rockin blog!

But I don’t raisFacebook-20150221-025442e them alone.  While my marriage may not have worked out, my ex and I have a successful co-parenting relationship that apparently many people don’t really understand and that is okay.  You don’t have to.  What’s important is that my boys have two loving parents who will do anything for them and will always be there for them.  We both agree that the best thing either of us did was create such awesome human beings!

Apart from being a mother, I enjoy hiking, swimming, and cardio kickboxing.  I love being out in nature enjoying the many miraculous gifts this beautiful planet gives us. When I’m not outside and not busy with the kiddos, I play video games, watch horror movies, and write.  I love to write creative fiction.  In fact, my favorite genre is horror/fantasy.  I am an avid reader too!  I mean, really. You should see my book shelf.  I actually need to buy another one!  I am an insightful, but complicated person. Not religious but I am spiritual. History is a passion of mine but within the past few years I have developed an interest in Science.

So, if you are a mom (or dad) who is a parent looking for some inspiration or just to hear something random and maybe funny, I welcome you to read my rockin’ blog and don’t forget to comment.  I love having productive, fun, and thoughtful discussions with people.

Thanks so much for reading!




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