Rockin’ Writing Life


This is the Writing Life! This page will contain various categories of my writing life. Such as Blogging 101, how I’m getting along in my writing and my published work page. This is also where you will see my creative writing too.

I created this page so that I could consolidate a few different categories. The Rockin’ Writing Life page fits so well with my blog and suits my various other writing needs. My need to save a little space and make my blog a little easier for all you wonderful readers out there sparked my creative side, coming up with a rockin’ new page for you to enjoy.

The writing life – or the life of a writer – isn’t easy. Especially for a stay-at-home mom who has a strong desire to express herself in a healthy and productive way. The pay isn’t very good and real life has a way of hitting me over the head whenever I drift off to daydream land.

Bills have to be paid and food put on the table but I still have to write. The writing life isn’t for the faint of heart. You really have to want it. So I created a page to suit my extra curricular writing needs such as my fictional stories as well as my discoveries/frustrations of this wonderful thing called blogging.

So if you want to read some of my fiction, come by for a visit to my rockin’ writing life page. If you’re new to blogging feel free to read some of my blogging articles that I hope you find helpful. I will warn you though, some of it frustrating. Like the behind the scenes stuff for my blog. It takes me all day sometimes because while it may look like I know what I’m doing, I really don’t;)

Thanks for stopping by and please enjoy your stay!