Protesting the President


I’m not protesting the president. I have no interest in doing any such thing. Except for maybe on my blog. That’s a form of protest right? I will talk a little bit about the protesting that has been going on but that is also not the reason for this post.

Instead, what I’m going to talk about is a local high school – my son’s high school to be exact – organizing a walk out today at lunch time and getting an email about it from the principal the night before. I’m also going to talk about how I am against this idea and am actually disappointed in the principal for encouraging this course of action by the local high school students. And no, my son was not a part of it.

But let me back up a minute. I’m all for our children speaking their minds and letting all of us adults know how disappointed they are in our decision to vote in such an ass as Donald Trump. I’m all for our children expressing their opinions on any matter, especially those that directly affect them, which we all know this will. Just because our children can’t legally vote yet, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be heard. Our children are far more informed about our government and the corruption within it than my generation ever was at that age so kudos to them for speaking up and demanding to be heard.

My problem isn’t with the high school students standing up in protest. My problem is the method used and the misguided encouragement given by the school to allow a walkout. Here’s why:

Walkouts Do Absolutely Nothing

So a group of students at one high school, in one small town, in one state stage a walkout. Is it newsworthy? Hardly. Maybe it’s news worthy here in the local sector but is this message going to get all the way to the white house? Nope. So, what does this actually accomplish accept that the school has given some false sense of pride to children. This was purely to make them feel good.

The Point Of A Protest Is…

To get the attention of the people or organization you are protesting against. What protesting is not, however, is starting riots in the streets and burning down buildings just to try to make a statement. Yeah, I heard the news about all the protests going on right now. I heard about all of the injured people in hospitals and businesses having to close their doors because they were looted or their building was set on fire. Not cool people. Not cool.


I can’t help but think of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Now there was a man who knew how to protest. He knew what his goal was. Dr. King lead peaceful protests down Main Street (I’m guessing on the street) and got the attention of the entire world. The man didn’t lead riots. He didn’t loot local businesses. And he certainly didn’t hurt anyone in the process. He got hurt but he refused to get violent with anyone.

What If The Protest Was With The High School?

In case no one has noticed, our children are sorely undervalued in this country so protesting our government won’t do much. Now if these same students had a grievance against the school, or the school district you bet your sweet ass that walk out would have been squashed the moment the word “walkout” was uttered.

My high school class of 1995 staged a walkout once. I believe it was over our principal taking away senior hook day or something. I can’t really remember but that walkout was crushed pronto and anyone participating found themselves in deep shit. Needless to say, it went bye-bye in the blink of an eye. While walkouts are a from of peaceful protest it’s the context of the walkout that I disagree with.

protesting_rockinrandommomMaybe I’m wrong though. Maybe I’m overthinking it a little – or under-thinking it? But when I get a note from my younger son’s 4th grade teacher about the fact that I wouldn’t make Conner do his homework last week, it makes me wonder some things. The reason for the disappearance of the homework Nazi last week was because they had two days off from school. I adamantly believe that homework itself is a huge waste of everyone’s time but two or more days off from school should qualify for a homework break. Oh but we must follow the rules right?

We must follow the rules and never disagree with those rules. Unless we are talking about our new President? Does anyone else see the holes in this logic? Yes, rules are there to follow but we are also allowed to disagree and even protest against them if need be.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your comments.






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Rockin’ Quote 31: American Spirit


The American spirit has been challenged so many times over the centuries but for the past, I don’t know, 15 to 20 years our spirit has slowly been chipped away. This election season I’d say our American spirit has all but lost itself. We can get it back though. We are not so far down the rabbit hole that we can’t find our way out of the dark pit that our government has put us in. Thanks to Jeremy over at Thirsty Daddy for the quote below.

americanspirit_rockinrandommom-Captain America in Spiderman #537 and Sharon Carter in The Avengers: Civil War

Our young people are being taught to be ashamed of their country instead of being shown all of the great things this country was and can be again. We are failing to pass that pride down to the next generation. We are also not teaching our kids what it means to be American. The American Spirit was once a force to be reckoned with. We weren’t afraid to stand up and fight for what we believe in. We weren’t afraid of the hard work it takes to thrive and make our dreams come true. And we weren’t afraid to stand up to those in charge if we disagreed with them.

When we first came to this country, we were ruled by England. Then we started to disagree with them and we decided to go our separate way. We faced our fears and fought one of the greatest countries in the world with one of the greatest armies in the world because we believed in our cause. Were we afraid? Of course we were. Did we fight anyway? Damn right we did!

How many Native Americans fought and lost their lives because of what they believed in? How many African Americans risked life and limb to fight for their freedom during the Civil War.

World War II, we stood up to a tyrannical and seriously misguided leader, fighting side by side with our allies because we believed in our freedom.

Women’s suffrage, Civil rights, Vietnam: We stood up to those who would hold us down and we didn’t give up.


But our kids don’t know this anymore. Instead, all they see is our fear and our anger. They aren’t seeing our courage and our strength. In order to move forward and make change, we must stand up and say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Isn’t it time we showed our children what it really means to be brave? I don’t mean to fight in a senseless war that no one will win and everyone will lose. I mean by simply standing up for what is right.

What do you think?

Thanks so much for reading!


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Election Day and How I’m Voting


So tomorrow is Election Day here in the United States of America. United. Now that’s a funny word isn’t it? The last time this country was truly united was the day of one of this countries’ most horrific tragedies, September 11, 2001. I already wrote about my feelings on that day in another post that you can view HERE  Since then we have never been more divided. Wait, not true. The Civil War trumps the present but truth be told, it seems we really aren’t that far off now are we?

We have been divided for way too long. We are always fighting with each other. Christian versus Muslim. Black versus White. Republican versus Democrat. That’s the current mood now. Election Day brings out the haters of both groups and the campaigns have brought about so much hatred towards so many other groups. Instead of a country united in one cause to vote for the best leader (Ha! That is seriously debatable), we are focusing our energy into putting down the opposing party for various reasons and anyone who votes either of those ways.


Here’s the thing: I love that our country has the right to vote for our leaders. I love that (in theory) we, the people, get to elect our leaders on merit and leadership skills. That’s how it’s supposed to be anyway. In reality, however, we the people don’t matter because our government sucks ass. The media are too busy pushing one agenda or another and the corporations of our country run both. Yet, come Election Day I will still be at the voting booth because after all, it is my right.

So Who am I going to Vote for?

Well, sorry to burst ya’ll’s bubbles but I’m not voting for either of these assholes! Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Why vote at all if I’m not going to vote for either Trump or Clinton? There are a few reasons:

  1. Because of the women who fought long and hard for my right to vote. They were beaten. Some were tortured. Did you know that the first women’s movement actually started in 1848? However, the women’s suffrage movement didn’t form until May of 1869 by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. It was specifically geared to gain women the right to vote. Did you also know that in 1913 Alice Paul and Lucy Burns organized and formed the congressional union and they picketed the white house several times? This landed them in jail but they didn’t give up. Women finally won the right to vote on August 26,1920.
  2.  Two other people are on the ballot. I’ve looked into them. I have done some serious research into all of the candidates and I will be voting for a third party. Most people don’t even realize there are two other people on the ballot.
  3. Voting for someone other than Clinton or Trump keeps my conscience clear while fulfilling my duty as an American citizen to vote. This is my little form of protest and show of disgust towards our election system and how bad it has gotten. The way these campaigns are run now shows so much disgrace and disrespect for our country.

electionday_rockinrandommomDo I think this person will win? Not a chance. Because most people will undoubtedly and unfortunately vote for one of the primary candidates that have absolutely no interest in the American people or making this country great again. I don’t care what they say. I’ve been told that I’m throwing my vote away and therefore it is a waste of time. I disagree. Whether or not my chosen candidate wins or not I am still honoring my country by going to the voting booth tomorrow.

Besides, there are other things to vote for. You know how we all get those “Vote No for number 5” flyers in the mail? Those are things worth voting for. My chosen candidate may not make a great president but the God’s honest truth is, none of them are truly qualified. Why? Because we just don’t seem to make great leaders anymore. Where did those leaders go? The ones who call themselves leaders are so full of corruption they wouldn’t know true leadership if the leaders of old rose from their graves, pounded on their doors and punched them in the face.

Hey, I know! Maybe we should require all members of government of go through leadership boot camp before taking on the role of leader. Most of them wouldn’t make it through the first day. We do it for our military members. Why not do this for our government as well?


Update: Yeah we all know who won the Presidency. Let’s just hope he surprises us all and adds many positive changes. I’m doubtful but hey, stranger things have happened. Like Donald Trump becoming President.

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Guest Post: The Last Titan



The strength of the Vanguard had seriously been reduced. The loss of Titans was a massive strike against the Guardians and one no one saw coming. Fallen, Hive, Cabal, all of the Guardian’s enemies joined together and struck. They hunted down Titans exclusively as the Titans were the ones who were biggest thorn in their sides. Without them, the Vanguard would lose their Shield. This makeshift alliance worked. They killed all but one Titan, an Exo, a very unique Exo. During the SIVA Crisis this Exo had decided to enhance himself in every way using SIVA, despite all the entire Vanguard’s and Lord Saladin’s disapproval. Not to mention the disapproval of his Ghost. Despite what everyone said he left on a solo expedition hunting for other sites where SIVA had been developed.

He eventually turned to Rasputin and to everyone’s disbelief gained the Warminds’ favor and was lead to a production site of SIVA. One contained and kept secret from everyone with the exception of the Exo. The Exo underwent serious upgrades and overhauls. Unlike the SIVA the Fallen had used, this Strand of SIVA was easily controlled and was easy to easy to infuse into the Exo’s systems. He had been gone for years so the Vanguard believed him to have been lost and in essence forgot him, only to have him come back years later, after the Titans had been wiped out. And shortly after they had been wiped out Ghosts could no longer find suitable Titan Guardians to resurrect so Titans as a whole came to an end. This included Zavala, Shaxx, and Saladin, the last three Titans to fall. This story takes place after they had fallen, when that Exo returned to the city to find it in shambles and the Vanguard scattered. This is the story of The Last Titan.


It had been eight years since the Exo had entered the SIVA bunker Rasputin had lead him to. He had absolutely no contact with the world outside the bunker, which worried him but he had to constantly push that aside and focus on his upgrades and enhancements. His body had to be completely rebuilt and to do that Rasputin needed the original Exo blueprints. He had to travel to several Golden Age facilities until he finally found intact records of Exo blueprints on Europa. With these Rasputin was able to alter the blueprints, building an upgraded body from the ground up. Only then did Rasputin begin to infuse the new body with SIVA, keeping it dormant until they were ready to implant the Exo’s AI chip into the body, which would then be subjected to the intrusive programs of SIVA.

It would be up to the Exo to remain in control of his new body. This process itself took around three years. The Exo’s Ghost lay dormant, not dead, but asleep next to the body of its Guardian. A loud alarm rang throughout the room waking the Ghost, causing it to believe there was danger but to its surprise the Exo had awoken. Both Rasputin and the Ghost waited in silence as the Exo sat up and looked around waiting to see if it was the Guardian or the SIVA.


“Ghost how long was I out?” The Ghost let out what could have been taken as a sigh of relief. “Three years Azerik. It’s good to see you up again. How are you feeling?” The Ghost had to wait for a response as Azerik slid off the metal table he had been resting on for the last three years. The Ghost watched the Exo walk about the room. “I feel the same as I did when I first entered this bunker, but at the same time I feel new, like I was just assembled and activated for the first time. I can tell the difference between this body and my original but it doesn’t actually feel different but I know it is. I know I’m not making sense but I don’t know how else to explain it.” Loud Russian blared through the room. “Yes, my answer is the same as when first asked. This isn’t something I’ll regret. This is something that I feel I needed to do.” Again the room was filled with Russian as Rasputin replied and relayed the events of the past eight years, which came as a shock to the Exo. He couldn’t believe that in the time he had been gone every single Titan had been wiped from existence. But hearing this only furthered his drive.

He quickly adorned his armor which Rasputin had obviously upgraded, and with his new SIVA enhanced body Azerik left the bunker to make his way back to the city. “The City is sure to still be standing. There’s no way the Vanguard would have let the City fall.” He told himself as he flew across the land on his sparrow, catching the attention of some Fallen as he went, but he didn’t stop. He kept going, losing them with ease. Within an hour Azerik made it to the wall and to his dismay a majority of the wall was gone completely with no signs of any Guardians.


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Guest Post: Ultimate Garbage Disposal Guide


Ultimate Garbage Disposal Guide

When not well managed, trash can be a nuisance. Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not know the best way to handle different items that go into their trash can. Such waste ends up in landfills and is seriously harming the environment. The good news is that one can actually alleviate the problem by practicing proper garbage management and disposal.

One way of effectively managing waste is through recycling. This is basically the process of using old, used items to make new ones. This has a lot of benefits which help make the environment better as explained below.

Benefits of recycling

  1. Conservation of raw materials

Irrespective of the scale of recycling, the net impact is that less raw materials end up being used to make the finished product. For instance, when old papers are reused to make other products, it reduces the demand for raw materials such as timber and bamboo. This means that the environment is conserved and more trees are saved.

2.Promotion of a cleaner environment

With a lot of landfills designated for waste disposal, huge quantities of Chlorofluorocarbons are released to the atmosphere from these sites. Apart from making the surrounding air toxic and full of bad odor, these gasses cause depletion of the ozone layer leading to global warming. Recycling this waste helps in elimination of these dumping sites thus creating a cleaner environment.

3. Creation of job opportunities

Although large-scale recycling plants are costly to setup, once in operation, they create opportunities for employment.   This empowers the locals and improves their living standards. With more jobs, people can afford decent housing and education for their children. Crime rates also go down and the locals enjoy peace.

4. Reduces pollution

When trash is strewn all over, a lot of pollution and consequent degradation of soil occurs. The ground water is neither spared especially where chemical waste is involved. Non-biodegradable substances such as glass, plastics, and polythene bags pose a serious pollution problem. If waste is recycled, more land is freed from toxins and ecosystems can thrive.


  1. Support Local authority recycling efforts

You can do this by sorting your domestic waste appropriately. Have a special can where you put all recyclable materials like glass, tins and plastics. Arrange for regular collection by a recycling company. Sorting trash at your home is very important as it makes it easy for the recycling company to handle the waste effectively.

  1. Domestic waste composting

As you sort your trash, have another can for putting food waste. These include leftovers, vegetable peels and cuttings, tea bags and fruit remains. Make a composite pit in your backyard and regularly put the food remains there. In a short period, they will decompose and form rich manure suitable for gardening. You can use the soil to grow your own vegetables or share with your neighbors.

  1. Recycle your food

Handle food responsibly and minimize wastage. Do not cook more than you can eat. If you do, use the leftovers to make other meals. For instance, if you have some beef leftovers from your dinner, you can make a sandwich with it for breakfast. Search for ideas and recipes to turn your leftovers into sumptuous meals.

  1. Do not throw your grass cuttings

When mowing your lawn, leave the cuttings on the ground to decompose. This is one way of retaining the soil fertility. Instead of always relying on commercial fertilizers that harm the soil in the long run, consider recycling the sod cuttings to enrich the soil. Actually, this will see you spend less on enriching soil and save money.

  1. Use waste for crafts

There are many beautiful handmade crafts that come out of recycled materials. They range from toys to household items. If you cannot make the items yourself, you can donate the materials to people or organizations that do so. In the end, you will have lesser waste to dispose of.

  1. Buy recycled products

In the effort of making recycling sustainable, there needs to be a vibrant market for the end products. Have in mind that there are quality products in the market made from used materials. You can get nice wallets, seats, paper napkins, handbags, and iPad covers, among others, made of recycled waste. When you go shopping, always check whether there is a recycled version of the product you are looking for.

It is evident that recycling helps save the world and make it a better place to live in. It does not need to be complicated. Your simple, conscious acts can go a long way in making a big difference in your locality.


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So, there you have another guest post! What do you think about it?

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