My Creative Fiction


This is where you will find all of my stories. Some may be short stories. Some may be the workings of a future novel. These are the stories I write to combine fictional supernatural characters with the grim reality of surviving abuse and neglect. These characters are strong but struggle with weakness. Overall, they are good but they will fight with their own inner demons. They will fight to survive but in doing so, will learn how to live.

The first characters I ever created were born out of my mental illness but have since evolved. However, they are not ready to be shared but others are ready and willing to be exposed to my readers. Each week I will post a small piece of their story. You will watch them grow and learn, and struggle and fight! I hope you can join me in reading about their journeys. I hope you fall in love with each of them as I have.

My stories are still works in progress because I am constantly revising them so I am open to opinions and constructive criticism as I am hoping to publish one of my pieces within the next two years (I’m giving myself a realistic time line) but most of all this is just me, sharing another piece of my puzzle with all of you. Allowing you to get to know this intimate part of me is a huge step so please read with thoughtfulness and heart, be kind in the comments, and enjoy the ride I am about to take you on.

Welcome to My Creative Fiction!

You can read my first story by clicking this link: THE VAMPIRE AND THE ZOMBIE HUNTER