Pop Evil Music Review


This is my Pop Evil Music Review

Pop Evil’s new album, UP, is one of their best so far.  They have some really great songs like Footsteps, My Confessions (Bonus Track), and Dead in the Water.  From upbeat to hard metal; from sexy to soulful, this album takes the listener on a ride of a wide variety of emotions and moods.

I started listening to Pop Evil at the recommendation of a friend several years ago and I have become a big fan of their music.  If you aren’t familiar with them and love hard rock, give them a listen.  The have many other awesome songs like:


Somebody Like You

Last Man Standing

Monster You Made

Good with the Bad

Goodbye My Friend



Beautiful, and

Sick Sense (This is a list of my favorites throughout the years)

Their latest Album, UP, was released just last month and I honestly love every single song on it.  While I would love to talk about every single song, I am going to only talk about a few of my favorites.  One of my favorites is Ghost of Muskegon.  This song is about finding oneself lost and misguided.  With lyrics like, “Lost, still I’m searching, Seek for the truth that will keep me together I drift, through the ether”, feeling invisible to the world and to yourself can lead one to disillusionment and sorrow.
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Another great song on the album is If Only For Now and what I take away from it is a sort of love song but about living in the moment because, as the song says, “Cause we know the world won’t ever slow down.”  Often times we lose sight of precious moments that mean so much because our lives are moving so fast these days.  Let’s take the time to slow down a bit and revel in the beauty that surrounds us.

Way To Get High is an upbeat song that is about the many ways to get high but doesn’t specifically talk about drugs (though you can certainly take it that way if you want).  Getting high can mean any number of things from actual drugs or just living life, to seeking adrenaline in sports, love, etc; this song has a great beat to it that makes me just want to dance, which always puts me in a great mood.

My Confessions is a bonus track that is essentially, a break up song.  I really like this song because well, read the lyrics and judge for yourself:

Never could reach the stars
so many miles apart
so far that we couldn’t recognize
you’re like a work of art
so many lines to draw
we never knew to apologize
All the words that I knew
that you held in
All the walls that I built
start to cave in
As we start to decline
I realize you’re not mine
I refuse to believe that you’re leaving
When your days
turn my nights into seasons
It’s like we’re frozen in time
Before we fall apart
meet me halfway
my confession,
these are my confessions
With every breath you say
meet me half way
My confession,
these are my confessions
Green grass in the past
in the rear view
All eyes on the sun, trying to break through
when side by side, we still collide
With a pulse and a heart that is beating
We can stitch up the flaws
top the bleeding
rewind the time, bring back to life
I refuse to believe that it’s over
all my days and the nights getting colder
It’s like we’re frozen inside
So carry me, carry me under
I need a lesson in starting over
Just one more confession
One more confession

The last song I am going to talk about is my favorite in the whole track.  It was the first song they released and it is such a positive song to listen to:  Footsteps.  I adore this song because it is about climbing out of darkness and turning your negative past into a much positive future.  That is where I am at in my life right now.  I have struggled with darkness and have fought my way out. Now I’m focused on living positive and being happy.  I’m over all the bad stuff.  Will it always be there?  Yes, but it doesn’t have to define me and I choose to NOT let it run the rest of my life.  That way leads to self-destruction.  I don’t want to self-destruct.  I want to live long and happy, one step at a time!  To end this review, here is the awesome video that is one of my all time favorites.

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