Celebrating Valentine’s Day with My 15 All-Time Favorite Love Songs

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As you all know, Valentine’s Day isn’t my favorite holiday. However, this year I want to share with you my 10 favorite love songs of all time. Now, I have to be honest. When I decided to write this post I had no idea just how many love songs there actually are. I also had no idea just how many love songs I really enjoy so narrowing down to just 15 was extremely difficult. As I’m writing this I am still struggling to pick just 15 of my favorite love songs.

I have seen blog posts about TV’s best couples and the best romantic movies of all times. As a music enthusiast though, I really want to share my 15 favorite love songs because for me, in many ways, music trumps TV couples and romantic movies. Side note: I am aware many of these songs appear in the latter.

So without further ado, here are my 15 favorite all time love songs:

Oh, and these are in no particular order. That was just way too hard.

Nickelback is one of my favorite bands. A lot of people apparently think these guys are too corny but I love them and this was the song that made them a favorite. This video gets me in the feels every single time!

I mean, come on. Who in my generation hasn’t seen this movie or at the very least heard this song? I adore this song and I loved the friendship between Andie and Duckie, even though he was madly in love with her. I will always root for Duckie!

Everything by Lifehouse has to be on this list of my favorite love songs. The lyrics are so beautiful. “And how can I stand here with you, and not be moved by you?” It’s all about the vibe. Simply standing next to a person and feeling so moved. No words, no gestures. Just vibes. Or maybe a look. That is my favorite line in the whole song and makes this one of the best!

Now you know I wouldn’t have any playlist on my blog without a Bon Jovi song! There are a lot of songs to choose from here. I’ll be There for You, Always, and Thank You come to mind when I think of Bon Jovi songs but Born to be My Baby is my all-time favorite. I love that his wife is in this video too. Their real life love story is inspiring.

Lover Dearest is by Marianas Trench. I discovered them through this song while watching Mass Effect music videos so it’s only fitting that I use the video that started it all.

One of the best TV shows of all time equals one of my favorite love songs of all time. I can’t really say much else about this song other than it always cheers me up. Most love songs don’t do that.

Now I went way back and I personally don’t think you can have any list without at least one song from the King.

Theory of a Deadman isn’t a band most people are familiar with but they are another one of my favorites. The end of a relationship is never easy and this song says it wonderfully.

If you grew up in the 80’s then you know this song. This song will ALWAYS be one of my all time favorite love songs!

This was one of the first songs I heard from Hinder. They still remain one of my favorite bands to this day. This song also partially inspired me to start writing supernatural fiction.

Oh yeah! Did you really think I wasn’t going to have Buffy on the list? Not a chance! While this song was in a different episode, the song sums up Buffy and Angel’s beautiful but tumultuous relationship.

Dido’s song Here With Me became the opening theme song of one of my favorite shows, Roswell. Jason Behr changed the way I looked at aliens;)

Madonna was my first introduction to the love song. When I was little she was my idol. I wanted to be just like her. This song will always be my favorite Madonna song.

Okay so I know this song is cheesy but the romantic in me really loves this song. This is another song that actually lifts my mood. I can’t help but sing along every time I hear it.

Okay so now for my last song. Ya’ll have no idea how hard this was to pick this last song. But I couldn’t let this list go without the beautiful angelic voice of the late, great Whitney Houston.

Wow! That was rough! I have so many other really great songs on my list but these are the ones I chose for the purpose of this post. What are your favorite love songs? Let me know in the comments.

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51 thoughts on “Celebrating Valentine’s Day with My 15 All-Time Favorite Love Songs

    1. When I saw your blog name I kind of figured it was after that song but I didn’t want to presume so I didn’t say anything. Love your blog title! And thanks so much for reading and commmenting!😊

  1. Crazy for you was the first song I ever slow-danced with a boy to at my school disco aged 13. It will always have a special place in my heart – even if the boy in question doesn’t haha. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam Michelle x

    1. You can never go wrong with 80’s ballads! Def Leppard’s Love Bites comes to mind. Every Rose has its Thorne by Poison, man I could keep going with that list lol 😆

  2. Crazy for you is a tune, definitely one of the best romantic songs!!! Mine and Hubby’s song is Iris by Goo-Goo Dolls and everytime I hear it, it transports me back to the moment I realised I’d fallen in love! #dreamteam

  3. Love a good old love ballad myself! Savage Garden’s is one of my favourites! If you like Nickelback (I know, you’re up against it haha) have a listen to Takida, in particular a song called “You Learn” – it’s stunning!

    1. I think Total Eclipse of the heart just transcends decades because of the song. I’m glad you learned some new (but old) music😁

  4. Amazing post Michelle, I have been wanting to read this but wanted to make sure I had time to sit and listen and I am so glad I did, we have very similar taste. Many songs just take me back, past boyfriends, my sister, and one song was huge when I lost my baby and so t makes me think of her, I did have a tear or two. Happy Valentines lovely, you are such an amazing women I wish we lived closer as I just know I would love you. I just added you to my Instagram story today. Thank you for joining in #mg

    1. Yeah these songs have some great memories attached to them. There are still a few songs I didn’t add to the list that hold special meaning for me but maybe I’ll post them another time. And thanks for tagging me on Instagram. I’m heading there now to check it out:)

    1. Yeah, these songs hold special meaning to me in some way and bring back some great memories. Plus, they just make me feel good especially this time of you:)

  5. I love so many of these songs! Was a lovely flashback to my youth 😀 My favourite is Elvis – I can’t help falling in love with you. I have fond memories of my great nan and grandad dancing around the living room to that song on vinyl.

    1. These songs hold a lot of memories for me as well. I couldn’t have a love song list without Whitney’s version of that song. She had the voice of an angel and made this song so gorgeous:)

    1. Oh yeah, believe it or not this was the first time I ever actually saw the video for that song and my jaw dropped a little. It has absolutely nothing to do with the song. So crazy lol!

    1. So glad I’m not the only Savage Garden fan out there lol! I like several of their songs but I thought this one fit best on the list:)

    1. I almost went with the Breakfast Club theme song Don’t You forget About me by Simple Minds but then I saw this one on YouTube and I was like, Oh yeah! this is the one:) And Yay for Savage Garden! They have some fans here!

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