Dear Inner Child (Letter to Little Me)


 Dear Inner Child is not just a letter. It is an acknowledgement that I was once a child. When children live through abuse, they often don’t see themselves as children. They don’t see themselves as deserving human beings. It took a long, long time but this is me finally recognizing my child self was worthy.

Dear Inner Child, 

Hello beautiful! I know you don’t think you are beautiful but believe me when I say that you are. You don’t feel it because of how you are treated. You aren’t told and you aren’t allowed to be you. You are beautiful because of your creativity and your ability to see more than most. You are beautiful because you have a big heart and a beautiful soul.

Dear Inner Child,

You are a survivor. I know you feel very lonely but you put that loneliness aside for your family. You adore your mother and look up to her but its your siblings who are your world. You feel responsible for them. You are the oldest after all. You feel strongly and without a second thought that they need to be protected. You won’t be able to protect them from everything and this will haunt you for a long time. It will even affect your parenting in the future.

You will become obsessive with protecting your children. More so than most parents because you will remember that failure and that will lead to fear that you will fail your children. But know this dear girl: Your siblings will go be okay. They will have their own battles to fight. They won’t need you to be their protector. They won’t need you to be their mother. What they need is for you to be their sister.


When they go through hell, be there for them. When they have to fight their own battles, be supportive. When they fall – and they will – don’t judge them. Give them space. Listen to them. It will be hard sometimes because in your eyes, they are angels. You see their potential. You see their worth way before you see your own. They sit high on that pedestal but they are only human. Just like you. Understand that they have to find their own paths. You will each find your own way. Believe in that.

Dear Inner Child,

You feel so much with such depth. You are curious by nature and are a deep thinker. You don’t recognize this yet because you have to hide yourself. You have to lock away your emotions and show no fear. You also have to hide your pain. For a long time, even those closest to you will not know what you’ve been through and how you feel.


Locking these emotions away will cause resentment within you. This resentment will boil to anger and rage. By the time you are an adult, that anger will spill out. I’m not telling you this to scare you dear girl. I just want you to be prepared. I also want you to know that you got this. You see, just like your siblings, you will fight against your own demons and you will win.

My dearest inner child,

You will go through most of your life believing you are a freak. You will be convinced that God hates you and that you are monster. Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re not a freak. You’re not a monster. You are a human being with real, human emotions and a mind of your own. You stand up for yourself and for others. You are a fighter.


You will have many insecurities, especially as a teenager and young adult. You will feel so much shame and humiliation. You will hide them well but remember this: Every human has insecurities. We aren’t perfect. We are not meant to be and that is totally okay. People will manipulate you and try to take advantage of you but you will learn from these experiences.


You have always believed that every child is a gift but you always excluded yourself from that belief. So hear me now, young one, you are a gift. You are just as much a gift as every other child on the planet. God doesn’t hate you. The universe isn’t out to get you. All the pain and loneliness you feel right now will turn you into a vibrant, powerful, compassionate, and strong woman.

My dear, dear inner child,

You will get knocked down but you will ALWAYS get back up! You will make mistakes, but you will ALWAYS learn from them. Why? Because you are a warrior.  Because everything you have gone through will lead you to a better path. You don’t know this yet. You can’t even comprehend it but you will love yourself.


You are a Survivor. A Fighter. A Warrior. And while your siblings and your children will be your heroes, you will  become your own hero. You will find your own worth and you will love and be loved beyond all measure.

You are my hero!

With love and respect,

Adult You!

There is more to say but I’ll leave it here for now. Thanks so much for reading!


This song is by Fall Out Boy and while the video is cool, it’s the lyrics that fit this post! Have a listen.

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39 thoughts on “Dear Inner Child (Letter to Little Me)

    1. Thank you!! I am proud of where I’ve been and where I ended up because of the hard work I put into making my life better. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment!😊

    1. Thank you! It was rough at some
      Moments but by the end of it I felt empowered and very proud to have written it. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Alana!😊

    1. Thank you! That was the goal of writing this post to let my younger self know that she is forgiven and she is loved. Thanks so much for reading!😊

  1. Such a brave, beautifully written, poignant and emotional post. I’m so sorry that you went through so much but I can see that you are doing so well now. This is such a powerful post I bet you felt wrung out when you wrote it. #familyfunlinky xx

    1. It’s funny because while some parts of it were harder to write at the end I felt really empowered and that’s an amazing feeling. Thanks so much for reading this! It means so much:)

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment! It means so much to me that when I write posts like this people are really getting where I’m coming from. Much love right back to ya fellow warrior!😍

    1. Thank you! I had gone back and forth about sharing it but As I feel more empowered over the years I feel stronger and can share these things. Thanks so much for reading!😊

    1. Thank you! When my oldest was a baby the movie Winnie the Pooh was always on because it was the only thing that would calm him and help him sleep. When I heard it in the movie I loved it and used it for my boys whenever they doubted each other. Now I use it for me. Thanks so much for your encouraging comment!😊

    1. I had this sitting in my drafts for almost a year. I almost wasn’t going to write it. Thanks so much for your lovely comment!😊

  2. I am so proud to see you bravely sharing yourselves with others and showing us that our experiences will make us survivors and warriors. It is so true, we will all find our own self worth!

    1. Yes we do! It took me a long time and a lot of hard work but I finally made it. I found my inner warrior and am getting more and more comfortable sharing my experiences with those who I believe will benefit from it. Thanks so much for your lovely comment!

  3. I am so glad you took the time to write this and to see your truth. I know just what you mean about how you considered others as deserving yet not yourself, I am so happy that you now see you are deserving of happiness and love too, and respect! You have been through so much, that little girl went through way more than any child should know. You are truly a fighter, a warrior and a beautiful soul. Thank you for opening up and for sharing this with us at #mg too xx

    1. I’m glad I finally got to a place that I felt comfortable enough to share this with everyone. Thanks so much for reading Mac and thanks so much for your lovely heartwarming and supportive comment!😊

  4. This is such a powerful and emotive letter. I’m so glad to hear you have come out of the other side. This letter shows such strength and you should be so proud of yourself for that.

    1. Thank you! I am proud of myself for going through what I went through and not only surviving but thriving. It took a long time but I did come out the other side and I look forward to learning so much more throughout my life. Thanks so much for reading!

  5. My heart just breaks reading this letter to your young self. Every child should feel loved, special, cherished, and treasured. I am so sorry you were not.

    On a side note, I love Fall Out Boy and this song is definitely an excellent one for all those who have not champion. #AnythingGoes
    Heather Keet recently posted…Poll Tuesday week 34…My Profile

    1. I adore Fall out Boy! They are awesome! And I couldn’t agree with you more Heather. Every child deserves to be loved!

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