Rockin’ Quote #31: Know Your Worth


So Happy New Year everyone! I’m back with a brand new quote that I am piggy backing off of my previous post about 2016, which you can read HERE Know your worth. I love this quote because this past year has been a real challenge for me. True, 2015 was an even bigger challenge, when I put things into perspective, but 2016 was supposed to be better. It wasn’t.

It challenged my mental health in quite a few ways but the biggest way was through job searches and several attempts at improving my resume. Just the other day I finally realized that I need to remove a job from my list of experiences due to the lack of positive references. This isn’t something I have wanted to do before. After all, experience is experience and every little bit helps, right? Well, maybe not. Especially since that particular job had such a negative impact on me. My self-confidence in the work force plummeted because of my experience there. As my mental health also suffered. This quote helps me to remember who I am and what I’m worth.


This past year I have doubted myself all too often. I sent out lots of resumes and cover letters. Both of these need to be improved. In 2015, I went on a few interviews that made me realize I need to improve my interview skills. All of these things though, have made me seriously question what I have to offer the world. Anyone who has questioned this knows this is not a good place to be.

It set me back on my journey of healing because of course whenever I start to doubt myself, I find myself wondering if my family was right about me all along. That I’m not good enough. I know better than that but still.  Acknowledging my flaws comes second nature, maybe for most of us. We are very familiar with our faults. But we don’t often understand or even know what our strengths are. This causes us to downplay our own worth. Not just our worth in the work place but our worth in general. Then I tell myself this quote: Acknowledge your flaws but know your worth.

I am reminded of George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life. Remember him? His life mattered to so many people yet he didn’t view himself as very valuable. He struggled to make ends meet for his family, his co-workers, and his town and because of that his self-doubt got the best of him. He didn’t know his own worth.

I am making it a point to remind myself of my own worth. You should too. Always know your worth and know that you are so important to the people in your life.

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34 thoughts on “Rockin’ Quote #31: Know Your Worth

  1. That is a fabulous quote! It is true I am always noticing my flaws, but I have to remember my worth. Most days I do, but some days are hard, still I have come along way, 3 years ago I struggled to smile, so my happiness and feelings of self worth have grown a lot since then. Thanks for sharing this quote Michelle xx #mg

    1. I was struggling with a lot of that too three years ago but just like you I have come a long way and I continue to work on things and keep moving forward! Thanks so much for Reading Mac!😊

    1. Thank you! I love this quote because especially when I’m not feeling at my best, this quote reminds me that in spite of my mistakes, or because of them, I am who I am today.

    1. Yes, exactly! It is absolutely okay to say no even when we think it might not be. If we aren’t comfortable with something or someone we have the right to say no. Thanks so much for your thoughts:)

  2. Such a beautiful quote, it’s so important to know your own worth. We are our own worst critics but when in such times we should remember our worth.
    Hope the rest of 2017 has been good to you

    1. Thank you Ana! I hope so too. It’s been a rough year but not as rough as 2015 was so that’s something to put into perspective:)

    1. It has started looking up since I broke up with a person who was really dragging me down. I think it will only get better from here. Thanks so much for reading!😊

    1. We do need to know our worth while not letting our egos get the better of us. I think that’s where we tend to get ourselves mixed up and confused. Some people have a hard time with the middle ground and having a healthy ego so they tend to go from one extreme (self-deprecation) to the other (conceited and narcissistic). Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Great quote, and a great message too. I think we do need to acknowledge our flaws, because none of us are perfect and we should be ok with that! But we definitely need to also acknowledge all the wonderful things we have to offer. Hope you have a great 2017! x #CandidCuddles

    1. So true! We are too critical of ourselves but if we took the time to self reflect and look deep within ourselves we would see all the great qualities we have. Thanks so much for stopping by!

    1. Thank you Becky! These are words I tell myself whenever I’m feeling down about myself and I hope that others can do the same because we are all worthy! Thanks so much for reading

    1. I wish you the best success with that. The media and TV in general set expectations way too high nowadays for both boys and girls and it’s really sad to see so many young women especially have such low self-esteems because our society expects us to be perfect. Or their idea of perfect anyway. Thanks so much for stopping by!

    1. Yeah I need to work on locking my inner critic away. That would be great if we could all stop thinking the worst of ourselves then we could accomplish so much! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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