Book Review: Twisted Tales


So when my good friend Deborah over at My Random Musings announced on her blog that she was publishing her first book, I was so happy for her. When she announced that it was a book about the dark side of human nature, I was elated and immediately offered to write a review for her. She was happy to let me read it for this review of her first book, Twisted Tales.

It is a book that contains 27 short stories about the dark side of human nature. From a battered person who still loves her partner, to a failed suicide attempt, to a stalker; each story explores the darkness that is within each of us… Whether we choose to admit it or not.

From short, one or two paragraph stories that get straight to the point, to longer stories containing a few short chapters, each story captures the imagination and makes one think. One of the first twisted tales that I really liked was Darkness. I love when the character writes that darkness is like armor. I immediately connected to that from my childhood when darkness, though terrifying, was a shield for me when I needed to hide. Darkness can sometimes be our friend.

Blurb from the book

Date Night was another I loved because I love the surprise twist at the end. I love thinking I know who gets it only to be surprised by a sudden twist in the story. I thought I knew how the story was going to go. Even when I sort of got the feeling the original killer was someone else. At the very end there was yet another surprise.

Done Deal is another mystery that I didn’t think was such a mystery until the very end. As a mother I really connected with the character because she was put in a situation by the devil that made me sympathize with her. She did what she did for her child. No, I’m not going to tell you. You have to read it for yourself but oh boy, does it twist you up by the end!!

One of the last two of the twisted tales that I’m going to talk about is Gaze. This is the stalker tale that I like. I love how Deborah really takes us into the mind of the stalker. Some of what she thinks actually makes a little bit of sense. In this character’s own twisted mind, she actually believes what she is doing is right.

And last but certainly not least, the twisted tale that I connected to the most was Unloved. How many years went by in my childhood where I didn’t feel loved. This story actually hit very close to home for me but it’s my favorite. Without going into too much detail, it’s about a boy who killed his parents. Wait, though because that’s not the main part of the story. At least, not for me. It’s WHY he killed them. And I will leave it there.

These Twisted Tales actually started out as a writing challenge for Deborah. They are told in alphabetical order from A to Z. Despite a few minor typos here and there, the writing is detailed and imaginative. The characters are riveting and easy to connect with. The stories are easy to read while the content in some of the stories are vague enough to keep you guessing.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I hope you do too! You can purchase the book on Amazon FYI: If the link doesn’t work, you will have to copy and paste it. I have tried several times to allow you to just click on it but it isn’t working for some reason.

If you want to read Deborah’s blog, I have posted the link above. If you want to follow her you can do so below:





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Guest Post: 9 Types of Coffee Addicts Everyone Knows


Michele Smarty is a writer who enjoys writing for many different blogs and websites about many different topics like music, diet plans, and of course COFFEE!! If you like this post her social media will be at the end of this post! So let’s give it up for Michele everyone!


Coffee addicts have many different ways to take coffee e.g. some like hot brown coffee, some go for iced ones, some like black and others like cappuccino or espresso whereas a few coffee addicts inject their caffeine dose directly into their bodies.

Now, I am going to talk about 9 incredible types of coffee addicts that everyone knows.


9. These coffee addicts feel that they have a big amount of money in their pocket. They spend more in purchasing luxurious products at higher prices. They want to impress others. They think that money never sleeps, nor do they. For high spending, they work hard to earn more.


8. These coffee addicts consider the minor things as significant. To be relaxed, they take a cup of coffee brewed with an efficient coffee espresso machine. They are highly sensitive and drink coffee more and more to get out of this sensitivity.


7. The black coffee drinkers exhibit an insane type of personality due to their crazy and frantic acts. Multiple types of research are evident that black coffee addicts are more likely to perform crazy acts than others.


6. These Coffee addicts are creative. They have an artistic mind and are engaged in creating novel things. They are out of the box thinkers. Caffeine influences their brain and stimulates their cognitive abilities.


5. These coffee addicts are simply the perfectionists.  They find themselves different from others. They need purity and perfection which is impossible. That is why they feel themselves misfit within the system.


4. These coffee addicts feel that life is chilled and cool, like a bed of roses. This approach keeps them away from harsh reality. Their superstitious-ness and craziness are found in every action they do.


3. These coffee addicts want to keep hidden. In real, they want to keep their coffee recipe hidden from others. They become habitual of doing this which forces to use this habit everywhere in their lives.


2. These coffee addicts use Splenda for their coffee to reduce their fats and calorie intake. They are highly conscious regarding obesity. They want to have a superb personality to attract others. This makes them oversensitive about their diet and fats.

coffeeaddicts_rockinrandommom1. These coffee addicts need another partner with them to make a new version. They think that milk and sugar make a good taste when they are joined together. Similarly, they want some other person indulged with them to work more efficiently.

Well there you have it folks! The latest guest post by Michele Smarty about the coffee addicts of the world! I would say I belong in the Jittery Do-it-all category with my Keurig and many different gourmet coffees and coffee creamers. Haha!!

If you want to follow or get in touch with Michele you can follow her on twitter and Linkedin.

Michele Smarty

Contributing Author



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Rockin’ Quote #28: What Matters


So this week I have a quote from one of my favorite games, Dragon Age: Inquisition. The quote is actually by my least favorite character in the game but the words are so true for myself as a helper and advocate and for others in every day real life, hence the title of my quote this week: What Matters.

I wrote another post about my gaming geek out these past couple of weeks as it is something I really needed to do for myself and Dragon Age: Inquisition was the game I used for this task.  You can read all about it HERE if you are interested.

cole quote

As you can see from the above quote, I feel that it makes perfect sense. At least it does for me. As an advocate, I don’t always get appreciation or get remembered but also as a parent. How many times have we parents gone unnoticed for the things we do? There are many things my kids don’t remember me doing for them. Let’s extend that to teachers, fireman, EMT’s. The list goes on. We do what we do because we care and not because we want or need recognition for it.

As parents and teachers I feel this is the most true as we care for young ones. We care about them and especially when we have to discipline them, we get smart remarks and told we are mean. I heard this recently with Conner as I wouldn’t buy him an expensive toy just after I bought him another toy. Teachers hear this too when they assign something that the children don’t want to do. We go unappreciated but the above quote humbles me whenever I start to have doubts about why I do what I do.

I think this is especially true for teachers as they teach so many children and only a handful of those children will go on to remember them. I remember only a few teachers who left either a positive or negative impact on my life but they are only a few. As a former preschool teacher’s aid, I can remember certain children who I grew attached to but to expect them to remember me? For what? I remember what I did for them but they were between the ages of 2 and 4. Those kids are in their early 20’s now and they definitely wouldn’t recognize me if they saw me on the streets. But isn’t the point of doing it to help others and not get the recognition? Doesn’t it make the job that much more worth while because you know you helped, regardless of whether or not they remember you?

When I worked as a counselor/advocate, I worked on the hotline and the people who called in to talk to me about their darkest moments in life and seek counsel from me, a total stranger, whose first name is the only thing they knew about me, don’t remember me. This is perfectly fine to me. I didn’t do that job to be remembered. I did it because I wanted to help. That’s what the character, Cole speaks about. He is a spirit who no one remembers after he helps them. He prefers it that way and the quote speaks to me on that level as well. What about you? Does this quote touch you in your life?

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Getting My Gamer Girl On!


So the past two weeks have been kind of a lazy, yet productive time for me. I got a few personal things done that I needed to get squared away but during this time I really needed to zone out by getting my gamer girl on!

It started out as me thinking of my future YouTube channel and mulling over the different reviews I want to do. Of course one of my first reviews will be my take on Dragon Age: Inquisition. Yeah, I know, for all you gamer geeks out there, I am coming into this a bit late seeing as how the game is almost two years old already and won game of the year.

dragonagegameofyear_rockinrandommomAnywho, So what started out as my attempt to refresh some of my memory of the game so that I can portray an accurate assessment of my opinion, ended up with me geeking out and playing the game for days on end, completely ignoring other things. I know this flaw in myself so I always made sure the things that needed to get done, got done before I started my gaming binge, as I like to call it.

I am lucky, too, that my boys are old enough now that I have a bit more freedom to play but I always make sure my babies are taken care of and on the nights when their dad had them, oh it was on like Donkey Kong baby! I rocked out in my jammies, drinking lots of coffee so that I could stay up as late as my 39 year old body could stand, propped up on my couch with three comfy pillows, only getting up when I needed to use the little girl’s room. This, my friends, is me getting my gamer girl on!

I also had my notepad and pen next to me to write down notes for my review. See, it wasn’t all wasted, ha ha! However, this was more than just me needing to jot down notes and prepare for a review. I needed this time to zone out from the world. I barely got online, with the exception of the occasional ding I would get on my phone when someone sent me a tweet, or check an email or two. Mostly, though, I stayed away from the internet. I even stayed away from Cable TV.

Yes, I have missed the last two episodes of Game of Thrones and three episodes of Outlander, not to mention three or four episodes of Fear the Walking Dead… That’s what DVR is for! I have a lot of catching up to do so no spoilers please! That’s another reason I’ve stayed away from Facebook in particular. I don’t want any spoilers of my favorite TV shows!

As I said earlier though, the past two weeks weren’t all fun and gaming. I finally got my student loan stuff worked out and and still working on taking care of some stuff on my credit report so that I can get a new car. I am finally getting rid of my old car because it’s just too broken for me to fix it. Had to deal with some housing issues as well and finally got my resume looking pretty good, so that’s a plus! All of these things I worked on one at a time but as any of you know, even the small stressors in life can weigh a person down and it was this, proud as I am of myself for getting shit done, that I needed a breather.

Back to my game. So, yes I use gaming as a way to escape this world sometimes. It doesn’t happen that often anymore as I have found several other ways to zone out but this time I had a date with my characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition and they gave me the solace I needed that helps me hit that refresh button on my soul when the world just gets to be a little too much.

In Dragon Age: Inquisiton I can be one of four races – Dalish Elf, human Noble, Qunari Tal Vashoth, Dwarven Carta and in these races I can be a warrior, a mage, or a rogue either male or female. I have two of every single character, both male and female! This game allows me to step into a new world where I get to fight dragons, use magical armor and weapons, have a romance (or two), and save the world! Below is the video that I absolutely love and sums up the game perfectly in my opinion so check it out! The band who sings the song is called The Phantoms! If you like this song, be sure to check them out as well!

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Changes are Happening!


You may have noticed that I haven’t been as active on my blog lately. There are several reasons for that. I have been involved in a few projects around my house in addition to some writing projects. Changes are happening in my life that have kept me otherwise occupied.

Writing my first E-Book:

A while back I was asked by several of my readers if I would write a book about some of my experiences growing up that lead to my journey to healing, happiness, and forgiveness. I have been struggling with this for awhile because my childhood trauma is intertwined with others that I respect too much to expose their own stories. However, recently, I have been giving this a lot of thought and have come up with a solution – a way to tell my story without telling someone else’s. So, I am going to start working on this project with the goal to have the book finished by Christmas, if not sooner.

Writing my Fiction:

For those of you who have read my fiction on my blog and want to know more, I am still working on this story as well but I will be making some changes. You know how it is. We writers are constantly revising and re-writing. That’s how it has been with The Vampire and The Zombie Hunter. I’m making a few changes because I really want to get this story right before I share it but I will share it so don’t you worry!


I recently spoke of this and basically came up with some pros and cons of starting a YouTube channel. Since then I have done a lottotally_rockinrandommom of research and basically it’s like starting a blog. You have to have your YouTube name that matches what your content will be about. There are banners and thumbnails and gaining subscribers…It was enough to give me a headache. Haven’t I already been through this with my blog?

Yeah, which is why I feel more equipped to take this project on. I want to use my channel to do previews of music, TV, games, etc but I also want to leave room for speaking about random things that I don’t really write about on my blog. I wanted to have a different YouTube name but for promotions sake, I’m going to keep it with my blog name because I’m lazy and don’t feel like making other social media accounts just to promote my channel. Haha!

Active Living:

March and much of April really sucked! My boys are I were sick through all of March and the weather for April was just plain depressing which really messed with my mental health. Because I wasn’t getting the physical activity I normally get I was feeling sluggish and lazy and that led to irritability and bitchiness. That needed to change so come May I was determined to get my life back on track. I started back with my hiking, which has been so awesome and my boys made my Mother’s Day really special! I’m back and feeling better than ever with more confidence and thinking more positively.

So the next few weeks at least, I will be less involved in linkies and not writing as often on my blog because I really need to concentrate on a few other things right now but I won’t be gone long and I am sure to make an appearance here and there just so ya’ll don’t forget about me:P

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Rockin’ Quote #27: Motherhood is a Choice


So today in the U.S is Mother’s Day and to honor that day, my rockin’ quote of the week is about Motherhood! The quote I chose, that “motherhood is a choice” speaks volumes to me as I remember having Adam and I remember the constant doubt I had about myself and questioned every day whether or not I was a good mother.


I think we all do this to ourselves, not realizing that our children think we have super powers. They think we are the most amazing people on the planet and they love us unconditionally. When my boys were young I wanted so much to be the perfect mother. I imagined myself as a doting mother who always cooked home-cooked-from-scratch meals every single night and big Sunday breakfasts, like June Cleaver.

I wanted to be the soccer mom who always had it together, carting each kid to various activities and I was ALWAYS there in the crowd, cheering them on.  In my imagination, I would listen to every word my kids said, every story they told with enthusiasm.

What I didn’t expect was to have such a picky eater (and picky husband) that pretty much killed my desire to slave over a hot stove only to be told, “I don’t want that today!” I still cook but I don’t cook every day. Sometimes we have leftovers. Sometimes we just have something that I can pop in the oven for 15 minutes and be done with it. I learned that despite studying Culinary Arts in high school, I actually don’t like to cook.

No, I’m more this kind of mom:  


I did read and sing to my boys when they were little but I didn’t expect my voice to literally hurt Adam’s ears because he has highly sensitive hearing, a trait of Autism (though, to be clear, not everyone on the spectrum has sensitive hearing) and think, “Oh my God, I am hurting my child!”

I didn’t expect it to take until Conner was 5 to be fully potty trained with 0 accidents and wonder every day, “What the hell am I doing wrong?” I also didn’t think I would be a mother of only boys and end up asking myself, “how am I going to raise these boys to be strong, respectful, honest, and compassionate men when I had no example of a good man growing up? They are so fucked screwed!”

Yep, the stress of that last one kept me up many, many nights. Add my PTSD into the mix and I suffered for years of major mom guilt because I really didn’t believe I was a good enough mother for them!

mothersday_rockinrandommomBut then today, my boys gave me their gifts that they asked their dad to help them purchase for me. The each bought me a necklace. Adam’s says, “You are my Sunshine”, and Conner’s says, “I love you to the moon and back”.  I posted a little video of my Mother’s Day on my Instagram. You can see it HERE

They each made me a card, both of them telling me how much they love me and that I’m the best mom ever! When you hear it out of the mouths of your babes, you can’t help but realize that you are, indeed, a good mother. To them, you’re the best mother!

I am not June Cleaver but I’m not Peggy Bundy either. I accept that I won’t always have a home-cooked-from-scratch meal at the table every night but my kids are always fed. I accept that I can’t always listen to every word Conner says because he TALKS. A LOT! I accept that I’m not the perfect mother but to my boys, I’m Wonder Woman and they love me that way!

So here’s to Motherhood and all of it’s badassary! Happy Mother’s Day!!!




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Rockin’ Quote #26: Never Stop Learning


This week’s quote is about learning and how we seem to think that once we graduate from high school or college, we are done learning. We may have a degree that gives us an “expertise” in a certain area but we are by no means done learning. So this is my own quote that I call “Never Stop Learning.”


I am the only person in my immediate family to graduate from high school. I am also the only one to go to college and get a Bachelor’s degree. I remember when getting congratulated from my family I also got asked, “You’re not gonna start putting on Airs now that you’re smarter than the rest of us are you?” It was a question but it was also a concern that this person had about me.

As if getting a degree would somehow change my personality to the point where I would start feeling superior to those, even in my own family, that don’t have an education. I was taken aback by the question because I don’t feel that I would treat my family, or anyone else, differently but after thinking about it, I realized it is a valid concern.

Sometimes, when we know we have more knowledge than another, we tend to spout all kinds of information out. This can sometimes leave the impression on others as we are being a show off. I will admit that I have done this. Not to show off but because if I have a vast knowledge about something, I love sharing that knowledge but sometimes I come off as “putting on airs”.

I certainly don’t mean to and I am very aware that the world is filled with people who have different levels of intelligence in various subjects. The human mind is a fascinating, mysterious, and complicated place. There is intellectual intelligence but also emotional intelligence. We have our logic and reason within each of us that battles our spiritual and emotional sides.

I tell my boys this all the time, especially when they come to me and ask me something that I don’t have an answer for. I am not too proud to admit that I don’t know everything and I never will but that won’t stop me from continuing to learn as much as I can for as long as I’m alive. They say knowledge is power. Knowledge is empowering and liberating to each of us so go forth and learn!

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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers


So Trista over at Domesticated Momster did this fun little “Get to know you” post for the Sisterhood of the World bloggers tag game and I thought I would answer her questions because, well, her questions are awesome!

Here’s the rules…

*Thank the blogger who gave you the award and link back to their blog
*Answer the 10 questions given to you
*Nominate seven bloggers for the award
*Write 10 questions for your nominees to answer
*Display the award on your blog or post


What’s your favorite poison, if you have one? 

While I love wine and drink hard ciders occasionally, my absolute favorite is Strawberry Daiquiris.


What’s the best show you are watching on TV these days and why?

Oh my, well I watch a lot of shows from Criminal Minds to Flash, to Vampire Diaries, to The Walking Dead, to Game of Thrones (which just started, Yay!) but right now I would say my favorite is Outlander. I mentioned this show in my last post but why do I love it? It combines history, romance, sex, science fiction, and action all in one awesome show!


When was the last time you had sex? This can include sex with yourself.

Oh damn! Okay so sex with another person: about 3 years ago and it wasn’t even worth my time, let’s just put it that way. Sex with myself: um, yesterday! Hehehe! That was much more satisfactory, for sure!!


Tattoos or no tattoos?  Piercings?  Any odd places you wish to share?

I have three tattoos and hope to get more! I have a heart with angel wings carrying my oldest son’s name. I have a skull with a dagger through it, holding my youngest son’s name and I have a dolphin. The dolphin was my first tattoo that I got when I was 21. I have my ears pierced and I used to have my belly buttoned pierced.


What was the last piece of writing you read, either book, blog or otherwise, that you thoroughly enjoyed?

Oh boy, this is a tough one because while I have no time for reading a book (the last one was The Hunger Games trilogy), I have read several good blog posts this week. The last one I read that I really liked was actually this post on Trista’s blog.


What was the best part of your day today?

Well, my day just started but yesterday my favorite part of the day was when the hot young guy across the hall from me offered to let me try some chocolate fudge that he made! I haven’t tried it yet but I’m looking forward to it…the food, not the guy…well, my brain just went somewhere dirty. I am a bad, bad girl!


What was the worst part of your day?

Getting up this morning! I was having a great dream, dammit!! Don’t you hate it when that happens?!


What age did you lose your virginity?  

Okay, so this one is a bit of a sore spot for me but I’m going to do my best to answer it while keeping it light and fun: The first time I FREELY GAVE myself to someone I was 21 years old. I am damn proud of that, considering my family truly believed I would be knocked up by the time I was sixteen. Actually, they were the motivation behind waiting so long, so thank you family!!


Iphone or Android and why?

iPhone and the reason why: iTunes, simply put! I have invested so much money into iTunes and have over 1000 songs through iTunes so I won’t stray!


What’s the song you listen to the most these days?

Oh man, I have so many. Right now I am listening to the songs I most recently added to my playlist: Paramore, Icon for Hire, Otherwise, Depeche ModePrince, and Metallica, just to name a few but right now my two favorites on my playlist are Let it Burn by Red and Find My Way Back by Eric Arjes. Go ahead and look them up if you’re interested.

Okay so now my nominees:


My Random Musings

Diary of an Imperfect Mum

Reflections From Me

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Pink Pear Bear

And the Questions Are:

  1. What was the last thing you ate?
  2. When was the last time you had Me Time and what did you do?
  3. What is the craziest pick up line that was tried on you?
  4. What was your best date ever?
  5. What was the scariest thing you ever did?
  6. What is your favorite thing about motherhood?
  7. What is your least favorite thing about motherhood?
  8. What is the worst book you’ve ever read?
  9. Celebrity crush?
  10. What’s the last song you heard on the radio?


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Rockin’ Quote #26: Prince-Dearly Beloved


I was going to put up a different quote this week but since hearing about the sudden and unexpected death of Prince on Friday, I’ve been thinking a lot about his music and his legacy. Now, I don’t know how he died but there has been speculation about a drug overdose or even the flu. We won’t know until the investigation is complete. Whatever the reason, Prince has been making music for a long time. He will be missed.

I still remember the first Prince song I heard when I was a kid. Purple Rain was a hit and the radio played it a lot back then. From the first note on the radio, I knew which song was playing and listening to the slow guitar rhythm, I counted to the first word of the first verse, “I never meant to cause you any sorrow, I never meant to cause you any pain”, I knew the song word for word. That was a long time ago. Here is my quote this week, in honor of Prince:


I love this quote because it gives all humans a connection to one another. Prince knew we all have this one major thing in common, to get through life. We don’t make it through life without scars. We all have them. We all struggle at one point or another.

Purple Rain, though it is a good song, is actually not my favorite Prince song. My favorite Prince song is When Doves Cry. For those who don’t know this song or don’t remember the lyrics they go something like this:

Dig if you will the picture
Of you and I engaged in a kiss
The sweat of your body covers me
Can you my darling
Can you picture this?

Dream if you can a courtyard
An ocean of violets in bloom
Animals strike curious poses
They feel the heat
The heat between me and you

It reads like a poem right? Well, Prince was a poet. He just put it into musical form. To be fair though, most songwriters are poets. Of course the chorus is what drew me into this song the most:

How can you just leave me standing?
Alone in a world that’s so cold? (So cold)
Maybe I’m just too demanding
Maybe I’m just like my father, too bold
Maybe you’re just like my mother
She’s never satisfied (She’s never satisfied)
Why do we scream at each other
This is what it sounds like
When doves cry

It made me think of couples who fight all the time and made me wonder, from a young age, if fighting was what added passion to a relationship. Passion, after all, is a very powerful thing. But what did I like about Prince? He didn’t follow society’s rules. He lived his life his way and somehow, for the rest of us, that was okay. We judge each other so much. We even judge celebrities, expecting them to be perfect when they are human beings just like the rest of us. Prince, though, we liked that Prince was different.

So here’s to the man who didn’t do what every one else expected him to do. I can’t say the he is my favorite artist of all time or that I’m a huge fan or anything like that but his music left me with some great memories.

I will leave you with the music video of my favorite Prince song.

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The A-Z of Me: Challenge


Trista over at Domesticated Momster wrote a piece on this and I was so intrigued by it that I thought this would be a great challenge for myself to do on my own blog. It is going to be challenging for me though as I am going to try to not mention things about me that I have already told you, which is a lot so far. So without further ado, I am going to take a crack at this challenge, the A-Z of Me.

A: I don’t like Apple Pie! Very un-American of me, I know but here me out. I love the smell of apple pie and I love apples but when it comes to apple pie, I just can’t eat it, blah!

B: I used to have my Belly Button pierced.

C: Unlike Trista, (sorry girl), I prefer Cats over dogs. Don’t get me wrong, Dogs are great but I just get the feline. They do things on their own terms, in their own time and they don’t tolerate being pushed around, prodded, or messed with and I completely relate to that!catnodding_rockinrandommom

D: Conner just told me that I’m pretty Distant from people sometimesThat is definitely true. While I’ve made some great blogger friends, I’ve had a lot of negative experiences with people both online and in person and those experiences have caused me to become distant. The older I get, the more I just want genuine and positive people in my life, no exceptions. I won’t settle for less.

E: An Eternal life with music! (Thanks Trista for helping me out with this one!)

F: I have a brother named Frank.

G: I truly appreciate a Great cup of coffee, a Great glass of wine, and Great sex!!

H: My home is my sanctuary. It is my safe haven and I don’t like to share it…Except with my boys. They are always welcome!

I: Sometimes I have to show my Inner Bitch if for no other reason than to let people know not to trifle with me.



J: I am Just a little crazy…or a lot, depending on my mood, LOL!

K: Despite periodically needing to fight my inner demons, I have a kind heart…but I am very cautious with it.

L: I Love to make my children Laugh. Haha…two L’s.

M: Marriage taught me a lot. One thing I learned is that I don’t like being married. It’s not for me! Refer to letter H if you don’t understand.

N: Nail Polish is the only truly girly thing that I do. Every month I wear a different color!

O: Outlander is my new favorite TV show!! It’s about a married combat nurse in the 40’s being sent back to 1700’s Scotland where she meets and later marries a young Scottish warrior played by Sam Heughan. Awesome, awesome show!!

P: I am usually a very Positive person. Remember that what you put out into the world comes back to you.

Q: If I get Quiet during an argument, Run. Just Run!

R: One of my favorite bands right now is a band called Red. They are awesome! I will have a video of one of their songs at the end of this post. Check it out!

S: I’m on the fence about Soul Mates. I want to believe they exist and that I have one but the realist in me strongly disagrees.

T: I don’t Trust easily. If  I do take a chance on someone and decide to trust, they usually prove me wrong. Trust is a huge deal for me.

U: Taking the time to try to Understand me, earns you some major brownie points! I am often misunderstood.

V: When I was 8 years old and got my first room to myself, my aunt painted the walls Violet and the carpet was dark purple. That was the start of my love of the color purple.

W: I’d rather be a Warrior than a princess. Maybe I was on in a past life?

X: I never got into the show The X-Files.

Y: I’ve been told that I look a good 10 years Younger than I actually am. This doesn’t always get me the respect I deserve.

Z: I have said this before but for those not paying attention, my Zodiac sign is Cancer but I’m on the cusp of Leo. This means that I am part of the Oscillation cusp, which basically means I am very complicated!

So there you have it, the A-Z of me! This challenge was much harder than I thought. Took me a few days to finish it but here it is. What about you? Are you up for the challenge?  As promised, one of my favorite music videos by one of my favorite bands:

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