Guest Post: Ultimate Garbage Disposal Guide


Ultimate Garbage Disposal Guide

When not well managed, trash can be a nuisance. Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not know the best way to handle different items that go into their trash can. Such waste ends up in landfills and is seriously harming the environment. The good news is that one can actually alleviate the problem by practicing proper garbage management and disposal.

One way of effectively managing waste is through recycling. This is basically the process of using old, used items to make new ones. This has a lot of benefits which help make the environment better as explained below.

Benefits of recycling

  1. Conservation of raw materials

Irrespective of the scale of recycling, the net impact is that less raw materials end up being used to make the finished product. For instance, when old papers are reused to make other products, it reduces the demand for raw materials such as timber and bamboo. This means that the environment is conserved and more trees are saved.

2.Promotion of a cleaner environment

With a lot of landfills designated for waste disposal, huge quantities of Chlorofluorocarbons are released to the atmosphere from these sites. Apart from making the surrounding air toxic and full of bad odor, these gasses cause depletion of the ozone layer leading to global warming. Recycling this waste helps in elimination of these dumping sites thus creating a cleaner environment.

3. Creation of job opportunities

Although large-scale recycling plants are costly to setup, once in operation, they create opportunities for employment.   This empowers the locals and improves their living standards. With more jobs, people can afford decent housing and education for their children. Crime rates also go down and the locals enjoy peace.

4. Reduces pollution

When trash is strewn all over, a lot of pollution and consequent degradation of soil occurs. The ground water is neither spared especially where chemical waste is involved. Non-biodegradable substances such as glass, plastics, and polythene bags pose a serious pollution problem. If waste is recycled, more land is freed from toxins and ecosystems can thrive.


  1. Support Local authority recycling efforts

You can do this by sorting your domestic waste appropriately. Have a special can where you put all recyclable materials like glass, tins and plastics. Arrange for regular collection by a recycling company. Sorting trash at your home is very important as it makes it easy for the recycling company to handle the waste effectively.

  1. Domestic waste composting

As you sort your trash, have another can for putting food waste. These include leftovers, vegetable peels and cuttings, tea bags and fruit remains. Make a composite pit in your backyard and regularly put the food remains there. In a short period, they will decompose and form rich manure suitable for gardening. You can use the soil to grow your own vegetables or share with your neighbors.

  1. Recycle your food

Handle food responsibly and minimize wastage. Do not cook more than you can eat. If you do, use the leftovers to make other meals. For instance, if you have some beef leftovers from your dinner, you can make a sandwich with it for breakfast. Search for ideas and recipes to turn your leftovers into sumptuous meals.

  1. Do not throw your grass cuttings

When mowing your lawn, leave the cuttings on the ground to decompose. This is one way of retaining the soil fertility. Instead of always relying on commercial fertilizers that harm the soil in the long run, consider recycling the sod cuttings to enrich the soil. Actually, this will see you spend less on enriching soil and save money.

  1. Use waste for crafts

There are many beautiful handmade crafts that come out of recycled materials. They range from toys to household items. If you cannot make the items yourself, you can donate the materials to people or organizations that do so. In the end, you will have lesser waste to dispose of.

  1. Buy recycled products

In the effort of making recycling sustainable, there needs to be a vibrant market for the end products. Have in mind that there are quality products in the market made from used materials. You can get nice wallets, seats, paper napkins, handbags, and iPad covers, among others, made of recycled waste. When you go shopping, always check whether there is a recycled version of the product you are looking for.

It is evident that recycling helps save the world and make it a better place to live in. It does not need to be complicated. Your simple, conscious acts can go a long way in making a big difference in your locality.


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It’s All About Writing: What I’ve Been Up To Lately


Lately I have been writing. A lot. Just, not on my blog. I’ve been writing my stories and coming up with so many new ideas for my characters. I’ve also been writing with someone else. He and I have been writing a joint story. Now, those of you who have read some of my fictional writing on my blog, you know what kind of stories I write. I’ve been really focused on it. There are other things happening right now as well. So, here is what’s been going on with me.

School Starting:

Yes, the new school year has begun and my boys are doing great! Conner is doing so well in the fourth grade and loves his teacher. Homework is still a struggle but we are working on it. Truth be told though, I HATE homework so I feel his pain. Adam has started his freshman year of high school and while I was really nervous about it, he is doing exceptionally well. He even auditioned for his first play. He didn’t get a part but he is taking a class called Stagecraft and is loving it.

Researching extending my degree:

writing_rockinrandommomI have been thinking about this for awhile now and I’m still on the fence about it. The two biggest reasons I’m on the fence is A) getting my Master’s degree is going to be very time consuming and I worry about it taking too much time from my boys. B) Because of the economy being in the shit hole right now, I’m not guaranteed a job when I’m done but I will be stuck with even more students loans. However, I do really want to go back to school. I’m leaning more and more towards School Counseling/School Psychology. I also want to look into maybe getting something in English but again, I haven’t decided yet.

This all came about when I looked into getting my teaching license. With a bachelor’s degree I can only teach elementary school. With my background in early childhood Education, I can only teach kindergarten through third grade. That’s fine with me but when I asked a few professionals in the field, they told me that either way I would have to start working towards my Master’s degree at some point. This is very frustrating. You now need a Master’s Degree in order to teach elementary school? Yet I seem to be overqualified to be a paraprofessional or substitute teacher. At least that’s what I’m told.

Found a possible backup plan?

Well I don’t know how far it will get me but I recently discovered my love of editing other people’s writing. I started editing my friend’s writing and realized that I’m actually pretty good at it. So now I am looking into some way I can use that to my advantage and maybe make a little money? This is still in the thinking stages.

A second Blog

Yep, you read that right. I am still looking into it but I may be starting a second blog that will showcase more of writing_rockinrandommommy fictional writing and that of my friend who I have been writing with. Because our stories are a bit dark and focus on the supernatural, and because many of my readers aren’t into that type of writing, I am considering starting a second blog with him. While he and I would run the blog together and post our writing, I would like to offer other writers of these stories the opportunity to share their writing as well.

This blog here is really my space to help inspire others. It is for parents. It is for special needs and mental health. I’ve also gotten to know most of my readers and they really do get the most out of those posts. So I want to keep it focused on that.

So that’s pretty much it. These other things have been keeping me pretty busy. For this reason I will be in and out of my blog. Some weeks I won’t post or share anything and some weeks I will. Don’t worry. I’m still around and every now and then I will drop by to say hello. I have a few guest posts coming up soon and I will be re-sharing a few of my old posts as well. So, I won’t be around much but I won’t be far.

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Rockin’ Quote #29: I’m Not Being Mean!


A couple of weeks ago Conner accused me of being mean. He asked, “Why are you being so mean to me mommy?” My reply was instant. “I’m not being mean, I’m being a parent!” This is almost coming off of a post I read a few days before. Jeremy over at Thirsty Daddy wrote something similar. He noted how sometimes we parents just need to be assholes and damn if he isn’t right! At least we are according to our kids.


I get it all the time from Conner. Well, I shouldn’t say all the time. He is a good kid after all. It’s not like I yell every second of every day. Though there are times… Conner only says this a few times. When I ask him to take a shower. After I ask him to put his dish in the sink. When I tell him to brush his teeth. Tonight it was when I told him to go to bed.

beingmeanparent_rockinrandommomI know other parents can relate to the bedtime drama. Mine starts at 8:30 and doesn’t seem to end until around 10 lately. Every night I send him to bed at a certain time. He knows this but he wants to stay up. He is busy watching Minecraft YouTube videos and/or he has just come up with a new story in his head and he has to – no – HAS TO GET IT OUT OF HIS HEAD. This is actually something that I understand because as a writer, I am constantly coming up with new ideas for my stories. Somehow, they almost always seem to happen when I’m trying to fall asleep.

Because I can relate to this, I end up giving him 10 extra minutes. Then those 10 minutes get extended to 10 more minutes because he has just seen something so hilarious on YouTube that he has to finish watching it. Finally, I give him one more shot to get to his room and lay down. When he argues with me, I yell. And this is what leads to me being mean.

I have to do the parenting thing and send him to bed. I’m not being mean. Just looking out for his well being. I get that his imagination is so big that if he doesn’t play out these stories through imaginative play, he feels like he will burst.  HE STILL HAS TO GO TO BED!

Yep, I have then turned into the asshole parent that yells at her 9 year old because he won’t go to bed. Then I turn into the asshole parent who takes his iPad away from him once he is finally laying down because if I don’t, he won’t go to sleep.

By the end of this encounter with the small human I created I am ready for a glass of wine that I must down before I can drift off to sleep because once I lay down, my imagination starts running a muck. I think I’ve created a monster.

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Remembering 9/11 What I Teach My Son


Today, September 11, 2016, marks the 15 year anniversary of the most tragic day in American History during my lifetime. Remembering 9/11 means more to me than just another tragic day though. Just like our grandparents and great-grandparents, who remember exactly where they were and what they were doing on December 7, 1941 I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing September 11, 2001. Here is my account of that day.

Where I was…

I was living in my hometown of Baltimore, MD. Only 45 minutes away from D.C. About an hour from Pennsylvania. I was living with my ex and mother-in-law in a nice 2 bedroom apartment. I had a black cat name Sage and I was 7 months pregnant with my first child. Adam was still growing in my belly that day. In fact, the very next day, September 12th, marked my 7 month mark. That’s where I was that day, 15 years ago. This is me remembering 9/11.

What I was doing…

I was working in a daycare center during my pregnancy and I was helping out in the baby room that day. I was rocking a baby to sleep and looking out the window, enjoying the rays of the sun that were shining through. It was a beautiful morning and we teachers had decided that we would take the babies for a walk in the strollers. It was such a beautiful morning.

We were listening to a CD of baby music. I had to go to the bathroom so I put the baby in a bouncy chair. When I got back from the bathroom, I walked into a dark room with only a few lamps for light. The whole vibe in the room had completely changed. I heard a voice on the radio saying something about the towers but I thought I was listening to a movie preview. I honestly thought that. Looking back, when I play those moments in my head, they play out in slow motion. As if it was something that I should have known. As if it was something we all should have known. That’s how I am remembering 9/11.

Within the hour, most of the children in the daycare center had gone home. Most of the parents of these children worked in D.C. It’s not uncommon for residents of Baltimore to work in D.C. As these parents came to pick up their little ones, I saw them hug their babies tighter than I had ever seen. I saw the fear on their faces. The worry they had for their children.  Slowly it started to hit me but it didn’t really hit me until…

Watching it on TV made it real…

Most of us went home that day. We contacted our families and friends. My ex, my mother-in-law and myself sat in front of the TV and watched the footage. The three of us watched the planes hit each tower. We watched the towers fall. We watched as the people of New York ran from the buildings, covered in soot and trying to make their way through the debris.

remembering911_rockinrandommom I remember seeing a photo of a young woman my age who had died. She was also seven months pregnant with her first child. She was expecting a boy and had named him Connor. I remember feeling a sense of survivor’s guilt because I was alive. My baby was going to be born while hers didn’t even have a chance. I grieved for her and her baby. five years later when my Conner was born, I thought of her and her baby. Even though his dad and I settled on the name from a TV show, I thought of her.


And what of my son?

I have seen a number of Facebook memes on the incoming freshman this year not being alive that fateful day in 2001 and how they will learn about it history class but will never really know how it felt to live through that day. They will never truly understand the fear, the heartbreak, and the anger we all felt that day and every day since. Our children will not understand how that day changed us as a nation. Do you know what they know? They know our anger. Young boys and girls know how divided we are. The youngest of the millennials don’t remember a time when we came together as a country. They don’t understand what United means when we say United States of America.

But my son will. He has. Every year, from the time he was about 4 years old, I told him of that day. His brother knows too. My boys may not fully understand the emotions behind that day. Maybe they won’t understand the significance of that tragedy and how it changed our country but they know that I remember. They have seen my tears. They felt my sadness. Remembering 9/11 is a part of their lives because it is a part of mine.

Where were you that day?

I don’t often listen to country but this song by Alan Jackson is for this day and I’m dedicating to Remembering 9/11


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Guest Post: Urban Adventurer’s Guide to Coffee


This post comes from Gimoka Coffee UK and has two Authors: Rudy Caretti and Lorenzo  Agostinelli. It describes a brief history of Java from around the world. So let’s give it up for: 


Since its discovery in the 9th Century, people around the world have loved coffee. The culture of drinking java has also evolved.  Let’s take an adventure through several nations across the globe to discover their unique tales and habits in coffee drinking.

Ethiopia- the cradle of java

A story is told about Kaldi the shepherd who existed in the 9th century. While herding his goats, he noticed that the animals become unusually excited when they ate berries of a shrub. Out of curiosity, he took some to a local monk and shared his observation.

The monks brushed off his story and threw the berries in the fire. It burned and produced an enticing aroma. Fellow monks, interested in thcoffee_rustic_rockinrandommome aroma, quickly removed the berries and ground them. They mixed the berries with water and brewed their first java. On drinking it, they realized that the drink was vitalizing. Later on, this drink would spread to the Arab countries and eventually reach the whole world through traders.

Kaldi’s encounter is told in many versions. Importantly, it offers a good narrative of where coffee came from and when it was first taken as a brew. Originally, these berries were ground and mixed with animal fat. Some people still consume it in this form today.

Europe- Finland

Although Finns do not grow the beans, they are the leading java drinkers in the world with an average per capita consumption of 12 kg per year. Coffee reached these wonderful people while under the Swedish rule in the 1700s. This was through Sweden and Russia.

Many factors lead to the popularity of this drink in Finland. Firstly, its introduction as a curative drug sold only in pharmacies. In the 1920s, a ban on alcohol consumption saw a huge increase in coffee consumption and its integration in main meals.


North America- United States

The journey of the first coffee plant to American soil was a treacherous voyage that was mired with pirate attacks in the sea. Against all odds, a French sailor Gabriel du Clieu docked in the island of Martinique with this amazing seed in the year 1723. He had obtained it from the Royal Botanical Garden of King Louis XIV of France. This single plant would multiply into millions of coffee bushes in half a century. It spread to the rest of Caribbean island and eventually South America.

Today, the land of opportunity, as many would call the U.S., enjoys an undisputed position as the leading importer of coffee. Also, the number of coffee shops has continued to increase over the years, reaching 29,300 in 2013. This shows how the Americans are continually falling for java. Corporations like Starbucks have thrived because the American people love java brewed to perfection.

South America– Brazil

The coming of coffee to Brazil borders the story of a secret love affair. In 1927, Francisco de Melo, a man of fair looks was sent to French Guyana to resolve a border conflict. The governor’s wife fell for his looks and he used this opportunity to seduce her. He managed to get enough of these seeds camouflaged as a bouquet.  This was the beginning of a Java empire which is today the world’s number one producer. The Brazilian coffee industry is worth billions of US dollars.

Java is the leading beverage drink in Brazil. 97% of population aged 15 years and above consume coffee. As this giant producer continues to stabilize economically, consumption of this popular drink is expected to increase. This is because many people will be able to afford the commodity.


Australians could be at the furthest end of the world, but their taste for coffee is tip-top. Their exceptional taste and fixation in quality coffee have their roots in their first experience with this magnificent brew.

Coffee was introduced to Australians by Italian and Greek immigrants in the early 20th century. Out of their love for the drink, these immigrants packed Gaggia and stovetop espresso coffee makers as part of their belongings. They  shared their favorite drink with their new friends in Sydney and Melbourne. You can bet the Australians loved the experience.

As a result, businesses dealing with roasting, distribution, and brewing arose. In 1950, Italian-like cafes were gaining traction in Australia. Coffee culture in Australia, influenced by Italian and Greek cultures, grew significantly in 1980.


Well, there you have it! What do you think? Below is the short bio of one of the authors and founder of the Gimoka Coffee UK.


If you want to check out their site, visit GIMOKA COFFEE UK

Visit their blog HERE

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