Making Oobleck with the Kiddos!


So this past weekend was pretty busy. It wasn’t my intention, mind you, to be busy. With kids though, it always happens. I was all set for a relaxing Saturday watching some Netflix and chilling with Conner. He had other plans. He saw this project on YouTube and wanted us to try it. So here we are, sharing with all of you awesome parents out there, making oobleck!

I wasn’t really wanting to make anything this weekend. On the menu wasn’t me making oobleck with my 9 year old. Hell, I didn’t even want to cook! Pizza was on my mind. Here we are though, making oobleck on a Saturday night. Since Conner wanted to make this cool thing he saw on YouTube, I figured we would try it out. Not like I had anything else to do.

As it turns out, making oobleck was kind of fun. Of course, we had to make two trips to the store. The first trip was to get the corn starch and the food coloring. The second trip was to get more corn starch after the first attempt at making oobleck failed miserably. Conner was in a rush to make the stuff, causing us to skip a very important step.

No worries though as the second attempt turned out much better and I have to admit that I really enjoyed the project. The end result was good too. It’s so simple to make this stuff and as I was making it, I thought, “hey I can write a blog post about this.” Then Conner suggested I film it and put it on YouTube. After thinking about it, I figured it would be a great idea so here we are.

Ingredients you need:

1 to 2 boxes of Corn Starch

A tube or two, or three, or four of food coloring

One mixing bowl

1 spatula

 2 cups of water

Well, why don’t I just leave my video for you to watch below: *hint: It stars Conner*

Have you made this with your kids? How did it turn out? Let me know in the comments below or comment on my YouTube channel.

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My Blogiversary and Other Summer Craziness!


Whew! I don’t know about you but this summer has been a busy one! With all the summer craziness I haven’t been on for most of July. First, I had my blogiversary that I actually forgot about because I was busy making my second YouTube video. Then my 39th birthday creeped up on me! I finished that day off with strawberry wine and ice-cream cake!




July 14th marked my one year anniversary for my blog! I know I should have done something special to mark the occasion, like a giveaway or something. Honestly, I don’t know how to do a giveaway and I didn’t know what I could possibly give away…Wait, maybe I do have something… *has a light bulb moment*

Anyway, I had meant to send Becky from Cuddle Fairy or Trista from Domesticated Momster a message asking them but I forgot. Ladies, how do you do a giveaway? *wink wink* These two ladies are my go-to for all things blog related. They are so helpful! You ladies rock!! Be on the lookout for this post coming soon!


summercraziness_rockinrandommomYep! I just turned 39 years old and I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that in another year I will be 40. What boggles my mind is that I only have one more year left of my thirties and that makes me sad. I have learned so much about myself in the last decade. Probably more  in the last ten years than all of my years put together. I love my thirties and don’t want to leave! This, too, will be another post after the summer craziness!



Did you notice the new setup? The new banner? And my new animated signature? I made that myself with my new program, Paint Shop Pro!  During the process of finding a theme though, I got frustrated! I thought I would buy a theme that looked really nice in the preview. Turns out this theme came with all sorts of directions and things I needed to download. Something I DIDN’T WANT! I just wanted something simple with the feature to make my own banner my own way and design my blog my own way. This theme was anything but simple

Instead of giving up on paid themes I decided to buy a cheaper theme that looked simple enough but that too, proved to be a waste of my money. So, now I am back to a free theme and I have seriously considered learning how to make my own damn themes just so I don’t have to go through this shit again!


My channel started out great! Then I got sidetracked with trying to keep a busy, hyper-active 9 year old from destroying my house and before I knew it my channel had fallen by the wayside. It’s not all his fault though. I want my next video to be perfect (by my standards) but with the summer craziness, I haven’t had time to concentrate. Not to worry though. I will be back to making those videos! In the meantime, you can watch my Game of Thrones review below!


The summer started out well enough. The boys had a week off from school before starting their camps. I could only afford to pay for 4 weeks worth of camp for Conner so after the first two weeks, he has had the last three weeks off. Three weeks that almost drove me to the brink was packed with so much fun that I can’t contain myself any longer.

As many of my readers know, Conner is my ADHD kid and has lots of energy. He also gets bored REALLY QUICKLY! What happens to me him when he gets bored? Let’s just say he decided to have a Styrofoam battle in my living room… I’m still finding little pieces of the shit in my cushions! When we got all that cleaned up, he found more Styrofoam in my bedroom and decided to build a mini fort with it. IN MY BEDROOM!

summercraziness_rockinrandommomMy solution: Swimming!! Swimming was my favorite past time growing up. There wasn’t a summer without swimming when I was a kid. I love the water! I wanted to share that love with my boys and I was hell bent on teaching Conner how to swim. So almost every single day, we went swimming. One day we would go to the public pool. The next day we would go to the lake or pond. On a few occasions we went with friends.

We also attended a fundraiser for Veterans.  They had bounce house jousting and face painting for the kids!  We also saw not one but TWO double rainbows!! Tomorrow Conner goes back to camp for the next two weeks and I will have more time to focus on blogging and all of you beautiful people!

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Subconscious Racism: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?


In the wake of the recent tragedies this past week, I am writing on a topic I simply can’t ignore. Ignoring it is what got us here in the first place.

Do you remember the 90’s sitcom with Martin Lawrence called Martin? Do you remember his famous line he said all the time, especially when he was frustrated? He would say, “Can’t we all just get along?” I haven’t seen that TV show in a long time but I remember that phrase.

For the past several years here in the United States, there has been so much unrest. It seems these days we are fighting with each other over every little thing.

Other things, however, have needed to be talked about for a long time but had been pushed under the rug. Until recently. If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you know where this is going. We are talking about racism. I don’t know about you but in light of the killing of two black men by police officers this past week, then cops killed in the same week, I feel like we just re-wound the clock back to the 1960’s and we are living the civil rights movement all over again. Of course, most people who lived through that would say it was a lot worse.

hateracism_rockinrandommomHere’s the thing though, racism never went away. It was always there, trudging in the muddy waters of our collective psyche, just waiting to climb its way out again. Instead of hashing out our differences and talking about racism and how to solve it, our society decided to hide it away in our closets. They missed the opportunity back then to figure this shit out.

Yup, instead of facing the issue head on and dealing with it, they decided to stick their heads in the sand like an ostrich. Yes, they did make new policies and made discrimination illegal. They passed new laws but they didn’t TALK ABOUT IT!

Suddenly racism and sexism didn’t exist. They acted like as long as we ignore the problem it will go away – eventually. I do believe our leaders at the time truly believed that as long as they made discrimination illegal, racism and sexism in particular, would just go away. I believe their intentions were good but it didn’t solve the problem. What is the problem though? I think that’s what so many are confused about today. Because we have buried this so deep do we even know?subsconsciousracism_rockinrandommom

I was watching CNN yesterday and several intelligent people were talking. They mentioned that even though we don’t acknowledge the existence of racism, it’s in our subconsciousness. Our subconscious thoughts are every bit as real as our conscious thoughts. The best way I can try to explain this is a little snippet from my childhood.

Growing up in a major city and the surrounding areas can be a complex experience. While my family would never openly say something racist, behind closed doors I heard racist comments all the time.

When I was 16, a family member had seen a white woman walking hand in had with a black man. Interracial relationships were a big controversy back then. She said, “Look at that. That makes me sick!” I had to ask why it bothered her so much. Her response was, “Because it’s wrong!” I then said, “Well, they’re not bothering me. I’m not walking in their shoes. I’m not living their life.” I am very much about the motto, Live and Let Live.

That really pissed her off so when another female family member came by, she had to tell her all about my evil way of thinking. Both women decided to “educate” me on the evils of black men. You know the stereotypes: How they rape white women and beat them up. Except that every man who ever hurt me was actually white. I know better as an adult.

It’s that subconscious thought that I’m talking about. In all of American society whether you are white, black, Hispanic, or other; we all have these stereotypes in our heads about the other races. We have similar stereotypes between the sexes. Similar between the social classes and sexual orientation. The list goes on.

My point is this: Maybe the officers didn’t consciously attack those men out of racism. But what about subconsciously?


I don’t have an answer to solve this problem but what I do know is that we have to stop hiding our skeletons. We must bring them out of the closet and face our demons. If we don’t deal with this now, we will hand this problem down to the next generation. The two men didn’t deserve to die. The officers in Texas didn’t deserve to die. We have to do better than this! What are your thoughts? Please be respectful when commenting.

I am adding this video of a YouTuber that I like. He’s a thinker and I love thinkers. He gives another perspective.

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It’s Official: I am on You Tube!

Or as the kids call it…officalyoutube_rockinrandommom

I actually did it! I am officially on You Tube! My son calls me a You Tuber now! I launched my first video on Friday, just before midnight. I was really nervous about uploading a video with me in front of the camera. It’s not that I haven’t been in front of a camera before. There is something about recording yourself, then sharing that with the entire world that is nerve-racking.

It took me about 10 times and literally a whole day and a half to get the right message across for my first video. After that, was the editing that took several more hours to reach my own acceptable standards. The video could have been better but seeing how this is my first go-around with this sort of thing, I’m pretty happy with it.

There will be improvements made as I get more acquainted with You Tube. I still have a lot to learn. I will get more comfortable as time goes on and my videos will get better. I’ve learned a few things already, like

Movie Maker:

Before making my first video I rarely ever used a video editing program. I didn’t even know I had movie maker on my laptop. I also didn’t know how to use my camera or my built in microphone. I had to do a You Tube search to figure it out! Once I did though I found it to be very easy to navigate.

Cutting Video Clips:

Again, not something I was familiar with and that took up most of my hours as I sat at my desk watching myself talk. It was a bit weird for me but once I got into the process of eliminating excess footage, I actually liked it. I enjoyed editing and keeping my video simple. Perhaps I edited it a little too much, LOL!

Copyright Laws:

It’s a bit different on YouTube than on my blog. For example, did you know that for every piece of music, image, and video clipping you put into your video is illegal? Unless you get permission from the copyright company and put their info into the description area, you are not allowed to use it. I see videos on YouTube all the time with music parodies, game reviews and the like. It never dawned on me how much of that actually requires permission. This is the biggest hurdle for me as I will be doing reviews but I have been doing a lot of research into it and it might be easier than I think. You can actually get all of the info you need by searching for it on You Tube! Damn! YouTube has everything!

Watch My video:

The music I have in my intro is royalty free music. The animated intro is also royalty free as long as I include the website I got them from either in my video or in the description.  Now that I have my own image making program though, I will work on changing my intro a little bit. With my new program I will also be working on my blog look so look out for that in the near future.

I still have work to do to make my channel better. There is still so much to learn but I’m getting there. I really want to show my more fun-loving side but I realize that is going to take some time. I need to get more comfortable in front of the camera, which I know will come with experience.

If you watch my video let me know what you think so far! If you want to keep up to date on my videos, I will post one every Friday. You can subscribe to my channel as well. It would be much appreciated!

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To Fellow Bloggers: Why My Instagram has changed


So some of you may have noticed that the Instagram account you have been following has a different name. I wrote a post a while back about maybe starting a YouTube channel. Well, that day has come. Technically, it comes tomorrow as I will be posting my first video, my intro, if you will, to YouTube.

During the process of starting my Youtube account, which is up and running and you can follow by clicking on this link: Michelle’s Rockin’ Random Reviews , I started thinking about YouTube followers and the many different types of people my channel might attract. Not that I will get many subscribers right away. It’s just like blogging. It takes time. However, understanding the possible audience I will get, I didn’t want to link my Instagram account that houses many pictures of my kids, for obvious reasons.

It’s at this point that the mama bear in me took front and center and I decided to make the current account private for those who already follow me.

If you have noticed, I don’t post that many pictures of my kids on my blog and I don’t share photos on Twitter or anywhere else that is public so why would I make an exception for Instagram? My kids’ safety is of the utmost importance to me. Had I not branched out to YouTube, I probably would have left it as is. However, YouTube invites more possibilities of followers that may not be on the up and up, if you catch my drift.

I want to have my Instagram that does have pictures of my boys. But I also want to have a new account that dedicates itself more to my blog and YouTube. I am also going to be changing the look of my blog in the next month or so. I hopefully will have it changed by it’s first birthday, which is July 15th! I can’t even believe it’s been a year already!

Anyway, that is my news! I hope that you follow my new Instagram as well as my old one. I have come to think of quite a few of you as friend and am happy to share my personal pictures with you all!

And oh yeah, here’s my new Instagram in case you don’t already have it:

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